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History, Future

After serving 18 years in the Senate, Malcolm Wallop retired, and rather than establishing a lobbying firm, instead he founds a conservative, free-market focused think tank. In 1995 to he established Frontiers of Freedom, a 501 (c)(3), designed to study and research issues pertaining to limited government and Constitutional freedoms. Its stated purpose is to effectively spread the value of how these key principles provide for the common defense, and secure the blessings of Liberty to our posterity. Since 1998 George Landrith has led Frontiers of Freedom.

National Security

Senator Wallop was known during his career for his emphasis on national security and missile defense. Since its founding, Frontiers of Freedom has hosted numerous conferences (e.g., with Donald Rumsfeld as the keynote speaker), published numerous articles, done many media interviews advocating for missile defense. Beginning in 2007 Frontiers of Freedom has advocated for America building its own next generation mid-air refueling tanker and not buying one from overseas. Boeing has said that we were critical in the recent positive outcome.

Climate Hysteria

Frontiers of Freedom took a lead position and became one of the most effective voices against climate hysteria (Global Warming, now Climate Change) by emphasizing sound science. In fact, we were singled out for criticism and an affirmative effort to reduce our funding because of how successful we were. In 1999, 2000 and 2001, we were the leading think tank talking about eco-terrorists who are quite literally terrorists who put life and property at risk to advance their political agenda. After 9/11 this issue was harder to pursue. But we took on many powerful groups and were having a real impact. But then after 9/11 foreign terrorism was viewed as far more important. Another major effort was to deal with what we called lawsuit abuse — the effort to legislate, regulate, and tax through the courts and litigation. We held a monthly working group, a coalition of different think tanks who met to discuss and work on this issue. We host Capitol Hill Briefings on this topic, and others.

Sound Constitutional Approach

Constitutional expert George Landrith writes, speaks, and promotes a sound constitutional approach to the issues of the day and warned against judicial activism. We have organized and participated in press conferences and Capitol Hill briefings to promote a judiciary that interprets the law rather than re-writing the law. Frontiers of Freedom has joined in an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court. Recently we have done work on such domestic issues as economic liberty and property rights — things such as tax reform and reduction, spending reform, free market principles and solutions, etc. We were outspoken supporters of Social Security reform since 2001. We have been active in the fight for healthcare reform dating back to 2002. We have consistently supported free trade and ways to expand trade.

Ronald Reagan Award

We have helped maintain and foster the conservative legacy of Ronald Reagan. We periodically award the Ronald Reagan Award for political leadership. Such awardees have included, former Governor Mitt Romney, Vice President Dick Cheney, tax activist Grover Norquist, and others. For over 15 years Frontiers of Freedom has written or sponsored cutting edge conservative ideas.


We intend on maintaining and expanding these efforts, especially expanded programs which spread awareness of constitutional principles, an increased understanding of the principles and blessings of free enterprise, and an aware and engaged citizenry.