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BOOK: Islam Between Good and Evil

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Excerpt from Islam Between Good and Evil:

Instead of freeing the Islamic states from the stifling autocracies that use religion to justify oppression of their subjects, the so-called “Arab Spring” has produced a flood of false revolutions. This disease first has infected Tunisia, then has rattled Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria, and already has flooded the rest of the world with desperate, mostly uneducated and hopelessly unassimilable refugees. Meanwhile, millions of Muslims are dying as the result of raging civil wars with no peaceful ends in sight. Alarmingly, in the present, the non-Muslim world does not know how to protect itself. More importantly, there is no consensus regarding the origin, the nature, and the potential of the Islamic disease that threatens to deform, destabilize, and even destroy the whole of mankind.

The topic with which this book is concerned is a very simple, yet fundamental one. It states that the main cause of the violent disorder in which the entire Muslim world have lingered for fourteen centuries has not been the result of foreign interference. On the contrary, this disease of which the entire Muslim world is dying has its roots exclusively in the teachings of Islam. Indeed, the internal crises that have devastated the Islamic world from the very inception of Muhammad’s exploits are themselves the result of something more profound—the politicization of a culture that knows no peace, no tolerance, and no love for the individual or the world at large. Therefore, the answer of the rest of the world to political Islam also must be a political one.

Peace and stability can only be restored in the Middle East and beyond by the unyielding political unity of democratic governments. That there is no other solution must be understood without any reservation. The alternative is more untold suffering to the overwhelming majority of Muslims and permanent misery for the rest of the world. For these reasons, the strategy of the United States of America and its allies is paramount—to fight for global welfare and not merely manage an unmanageable situation within the Muslim world.


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