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Frontiers of Freedom Weekly Report – Feb. 24, 2023

George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti, Dr. Larry Fedewa, and Tom Donelson discuss:

  1. the 2024 Presidential Nomination Battles in both parties; 
  1. Joe Biden’s staged photo-op in Ukraine; 
  1. Mayor Pete’s taking personal time rather than going to Palestine, Ohio to review the disaster area; 
  1. why the extreme Left continues to blame Tyre Nichols’ horrible beating and death on racism and white supremacy when everyone involved in the beating was shared Nichol’s racial characteristics;
  1. an update on COVID science and how the mandates were anti-science; 
  1. baseball’s spring training is starting up; 
  1. the Green Bay Packer’s Aaron Rodgers is delaying team planning for the next year while he wanders around in the woods; and 
  1. an update on the released January 6th video and what it says about the extreme Left’s narrative. 

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