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Frontiers of Freedom Weekly Report – Feb. 3, 2023



George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti, Dr. Larry Fedewa, and Tom Donelson discuss: 1) The State of the Union Address — fact checking it and analyzing what it means for the next two years. Sadly, it was one of the most divisive and deceptive speeches in our nation’s history. 2) Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ response to Biden’s address. 3) What we now know about the Chinese spy balloon and the slow and half measured response of the Biden Administration. 4) How the Defense Department lied about past Chinese balloons during the previous administration — then, they backed off that story and then they changed the subject. But now they won’t reveal who the anonymous liar was. 5) Why can’t Europe stand on its own and why doesn’t it have any serious leadership and how that is emboldening Putin. 6) The latest information on the sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipeline and what it might mean on an international basis. 7) Reparations proposals are being discussed in a growing number of extremist leftist states. 8) The murders or assassinations of two Republican town council members in New Jersey in the past week. Oddly, the media isn’t that interested in the stories. 9) Joe Biden promised to accept responsibility and yet in the classified documents scandal, he orchestrated a cover-up to keep it from coming out before the election and now he is blaming his staff and not accepting responsibility. No shock here. 

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