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Frontiers of Freedom Weekly Report – Feb 17, 2023



George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti, Dr. Larry Fedewa, and Tom Donelson discuss: 1) the train derailments and the environmental disaster that the EPA and government agencies helped make far worse and are now covering up and lying about; 2) the litany of lies and deceptions coming from Joe Biden and his administration and from the Leftists in Congress — Joe Biden’s physical exam, Clapper’s effort to shift the blame for his lies about Hunter’s laptop, the CBO’s revelation that it is Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress who are busting the federal budget and exploding the national debt, the Left’s Social Security demagoguery; 3) how the extreme Left and its woke agenda are destroying not only American education, but making our cities and many states uninhabitable; 4) the extreme Left’s desire to silence their adversaries is strong evidence that they know they cannot win a free and robust debate and that their ideas and their intellect are second rate; 5) the passing of Raquel Welch and Tim McCarver; 6) Don Lemon’s colossal stupidity and misogyny on full display; 7) how a younger generation of conservative leadership are encouraging us to look to the future as well as learn from the past; and 8) how Democrats in Congress prove that they are in fact, happy with, and supportive of, a border that is both wide open and controlled by foreign drug cartels.

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