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Obama collecting campaign cash from foreigners

by Joe Newby

A Canadian woman admitted donating to the Obama reelection effort on the campaign website, Wynton Hall reported at Breitbart.com on Tuesday. According to Hall, comments on the blog entry had been deleted, but as of this writing the original post was still live, and can be seen here.

The incident comes on the heels of a report showing that the campaign has solicited donations from several foreign countries, including China and Vietnam. Continue reading

Obama’s Illegal-Donor Loophole

The giant gap in our campaign-finance system that makes foreign and fraudulent donations possible.

by Peter Schweizer  and Peter J. Boyer

There has been no shortage of media attention paid to the role of money in the current presidential contest. Super PACs, bundlers, 527s, and mega-donors have attracted abundant notice. But there has been surprisingly little focus on perhaps the most secretive and influential financial force in politics today: the wide-open coffers of the Internet.

With millions of online campaign donations ricocheting through cyberspace, one might think the Federal Election Commission would have erected serious walls to guard federal elections from foreign or fraudulent Internet contributions. But that’s far from true. In fact, campaigns are largely expected to police these matters themselves. Continue reading

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