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The International Criminal Court As Weaponized Hobby Horse

Burnside_Julian1By Shawn Macomber • Lawfare Tyranny

Over in Australia “prominent barrister” Julian Burnside has come up with a plan to break, however briefly, the International Criminal Court’s monomaniacal fixation on Africans…by luring the the aspiring transnational behemoth onto the flailing side of his nation’s domestic policy disputes!

Mr Burnside told Lawyers Weekly it was his personal view that Mr Abbott and Mr Morrison, as well as politicians responsible for the mistreatment of boat people in previous Liberal and Labor governments, are guilty of crimes against humanity.

“I’ve looked at it pretty carefully for quite a long time and I don’t think there is much scope for argument about it.

“The fact that our mistreatment of asylum seekers amounts to a crime against humanity, I think, is fairly clear,” he said.

Mr Burnside said he was preparing a communiqué to the ICC and was hoping that lawyers with international reputations might be prepared to lead the charge.

To be fair to Mr. Burnside, his proposal does nicely dovetail with two of the ICC’s most successful ongoing projects — i.e. ostentatious showboating and no substantive action — and the barrister appears to understand this well:

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