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Obama’s “Big Bird” campaign focus not working

by Samuel P. Jacobs

In 2008, singer will.i.am provided Barack Obama’s presidential campaign with music for its signature anthem, “Yes We Can.” On Tuesday, at a rally for Obama in Columbus, Ohio, the performer chose to play something new: the theme song for “Sesame Street.”

For Obama’s supporters, already dismayed by the president’s halting performance in last week’s debate with Republican Mitt Romney, that change in tune is a new source for concern as they fret that a children’s TV show has become a new backdrop for their candidate’s campaign. Continue reading

Obama’s new winning issue – Big Bird’s endorsement

Obama still doesn’t get it. He’s been president for four years and paid little attention to economic recovery or jobs. Now that there is four weeks left in the election, he’s promising us that Big Bird will continue to get taxpayer subsidies. Really? Seriously? This is silly even for a high school student body election! But for a sitting president?

Brit Hume: Obama wasn’t terribly bad, he has a very weak case

by Brit Humebrit hume

What I would say about this is that this idea that Romney won the debate because Obama basically didn’t show up, I don’t buy that.

The Barack Obama, I heard on that debate stage was the Barack Obama I have been listening to now for four years.

He sounded very much like himself. I don’t think he was terribly bad.  Continue reading

Don’t be fooled, that debate was a big deal!

by Chris StirewaltObama Shrink Podiium

Mitt Romney beat the britches off of President Obama in their first debate, including the devastating sound bite “you’ve been president for four years.”

It was the most-watched debate in 20 years and was the most decisive victory by a challenger in at least that long, but to look at the news today, you might be tempted to think it really didn’t matter. Continue reading

Mitt Romney and the empty debate podium

New Yorker magazine cover pokes fun at Obama’s disaster debate and vindicates Clint EastwoodNew Yorker Romney vs. Empty Chair

by Toby Harnden

We had Clint Eastwood debating an empty chair that represented Barack Obama at the Republican convention. Now, the ‘New Yorker’ magazine is depicting the President as a debate podium with an empty chair behind it.

Next week’s cover carries an illustration entitled ‘One on One’ by Barry Blitt , who explains: ‘This image seemed like a proper response to the first Presidential debate but I’m not sure I realised how hard it is to caricature furniture.’ Continue reading

Honey, I Shrunk the President

Journalists and pundits turn on Obama for failing to make their fairy tales come true.Shrinking Obama

by  James  Taranto

Maybe there’s something to be said for clean living after all. Although Mitt Romney is closer in age to the venerable Jim Lehrer than to the callow Barack Obama, it was the Republican nominee who came across in last night’s debate as energetic and vigorous. And if Obama looked put upon when the cameras were on, imagine what he must’ve come home to. You spent our anniversary doing WHAT?!

About the private reaction of Obama’s wife, of course, we can only speculate. But many of his lovers went public with their devastation: “I don’t know what he was doing out there,” wailed Chris Matthews. Continue reading

A Fantasy Election, an Imaginary Man

Barack Obama has always been less real than dream — a media dream.clint eastwood obama empty chair

by Andrew Klavan

Even before his inauguration, Barack Obama was an imaginary man, the creation of his admirers. Think back to the 2008 Time magazine cover depicting him as FDR, the Newsweek cover of the same year on which he was shown casting Lincoln’s shadow, or the $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize awarded to him “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”—this in 2009, less than a year after he had taken office. It was not that Obama had done nothing to deserve these outsized comparisons and honors—it was not just that he had done nothing—it was that he seemed for all the world to be a blank screen on which such hysterical fantasies could too easily be projected, a two-dimensional paper doll just waiting to be dressed in leftist dreams. Continue reading

Why was President Obama so bad?

By George Landrith

As one writer in the Washington Post put it, “The Barack Obama who stood on the debate stage in Denver Wednesday night was virtually unrecognizable to the person who swept to victory in 2008 or even the man who had built a narrow-but-clear edge in the 2012 race.”

With polls showing that the American public saw Gov. Mitt Romney as the decisive winner of the Denver debate, it is easy to answer the question who won. Commentators on both sides of the political spectrum called it a Romney victory and expected it to boost his support in the polls and his fundraising ability.

Perhaps the more interesting and the more difficult question to answer is why did the president perform so poorly? After all he is allegedly one of the best political orators on the planet. So why was he so ineffective in the debate?

Let’s first dispatch with the absurd. Continue reading

Debate Analysis: Romney pounds Obama

by George Landrith

Gov. Mitt Romney was the obvious and overwhelming winner of the first debate. If this debate were a heavyweight fight, the referee would have stopped the fight. Having said that, Pres. Barack Obama did better than expected given that he didn’t have the aid of a teleprompter.

Quite frankly, without a teleprompter, there was a serious risk that Obama would again say something boneheaded as he did in his recent 60 Minutes interview or on the campaign trail. However, Obama avoided serious gaffes like calling the attacks on our embassies “a bump in the road” or telling Americans “you didn’t build that” or admitting that he believes in “redistribution.” But while Obama avoided any big gaffes, he was completely outmatched by Romney – substantively and stylistically.  Continue reading

B.O. K-O-ed

By Jim Geraghty • NRO

We knew Mitt Romney would be prepared — his campaign has had him doing only one rally per day most days, spending hours and hours on debate prep. From watching the primaries, we knew Romney would come out and be aggressive and generally look good, but we have also seen Romney be stiff, or awkward, or turn to the moderator when attacked. Not tonight.

The “zingers” line appeared to be a bit of chaff; Romney did offer a few good lines — “You don’t pick the winners and losers, you just pick the losers,” “trickle-down government” — but he never seemed to force them or shoehorn them into lines. Continue reading

Emperor Obama has no clothes

by Steve Huntley

The conventional wisdom is that tonight’s presidential debate is a huge opportunity for Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The emperor-has-no-clothes reality is that the political forum would be meaningless if President Barack Obama could stand on the stage and boast his administration had ushered in an era of low unemployment, surging economic growth, reasonable gas prices and rising prosperity for the American family.

None of that is remotely plausible. The jobless rate has been north of 8 percent for 43 months. Median family income fell more during the Obama recovery than during the recession. Economic growth is slowing: The economy grew at only a 1.3 percent rate in the second quarter, raising fears the nation may be drifting back toward recession. Continue reading

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