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Select Women Receive Opportunity to Fail Other Women (And Everyone Else)

icc-what-2By Shawn Macomber  •  Lawfare Tyranny

A few weeks ago we noted the International Criminal Court had reaffirmed its commitment to fail women, but it seems the aspiring transnational behemoth continues to up its game in that arena.

Via the Irish Times:

It is symptomatic of the low profile kept by the International Criminal Court (ICC) that even what might be regarded as a landmark event and a positive one too for women — the election of the first female president in its troubled 12-year history — passed with hardly a murmur.

[Google of “international criminal court” + “first female president” pulls up 5800 results — ed.]

As Judge Sang-Hyun Song (73) of South Korea stepped down earlier this month after six years in the job, he was replaced, not by another man in an institution where male judges outnumber females by 11 to six, but by Judge Silvia Fernandez de Gurmendi (61) of Argentina.

The election of Judge Fernandez “marks a significant step forward for the proper representation of women in the top ranks of international justice”, according to Dr. Kelly Askin of the Open Society Justice Initiative.

And what, precisely, have women now achieved “proper representation” in?

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ICC Renews Comittment to Fail Women

unnamed-2By Shawn Macomber • Lawfare Tyranny

The International Criminal Court marked International Women’s Day by doing the one thing it actually does well — i.e. issuing a strongly-worded, self-aggrandizing, yet ultimately futile press release:

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