A view from 2027

(This is a thought piece explaining how our current policies and our current direction are endangering our nation’s security and playing into the hands of the communist Chinese dictatorship.)

by Larry Fedewa, Ph.D.


(Washington DC, July 15, 2027) There were some very basic principles buried in the American version of civilization that must be understood, cultivated, and implemented or the unique nation that was the United States of America would cease to exist, to wit, the so-called “Constitutional standards”: personal freedom of speech, assembly, and religion; due process; limited government; three equal branches of the federal government; equality of all individuals and presumption of innocence before the law; to name the most obvious. The American government was gradually being replaced by a form of Marxism that eventually would resemble the contemporary Peoples Republic of China, namely, a totalitarian government, genocide of unwelcome groups such as Christians, Jews, Catholics, conservatives and military personnel, and persecution of individuals who resist the government –among other practices.

In 2024-5 Americans were fast approaching a showdown between the leaders of the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China, but the Americans refused to recognize their danger. When that time came, America’s leaders surrendered rather than face annihilation. The USA experienced the truth of one of President Reagan’s favorite sayings, “Peace through Strength” – except that we were facing a far superior military force and were led by an elite group of Americans who were controlled by the enemy.

America 2023-4: How did this happen?

The beginning of the story is the ascendency to power in the American government of a new group of leaders. Who are these “elite” holders of American power centers? They are what I have called “The Unholy Alliance”.

The foundation of that pyramid are the owners of 80% of America’s assets, who provide the money — especially the “Dot.Com Billionaires”. Their power is in the form of “digital assets”. “Digital assets” are the intellectual properties and the industries built around those properties which exercise control over substantial portions of the international economy using the computers on which these industries rely.

From this base, the entrepreneur-turned-billionaire spreads out into other fields. A good example is Jeff Bezos. He applied digital technologies to a new way of delivering retail goods, called “Amazon”. With a relatively small portion of his wealth, he bought the Washington Post, one of the most influential newspapers in the USA.

The American landscape is littered with similar examples. The only saving grace in the early 2020’s was the fact that they had not yet created a single partnership through which to create a new set of rules for the country. As independent entities, however, they laid the groundwork for the current Unholy Alliance.

The Unholy Alliance

The Unholy Alliance consists of several centers of power which have found common cause in their quest to control the USA. This Alliance has evolved in recent years. It grew quickly after 2014.

Before 2014 there were two political parties. In spite of their publicly proclaimed different approaches to governing, there had grown up since Ronald Reagan, a more or less commonly held consensus between the two Washington-based parties. The Congress and the White House looked for popular causes, passed a law, sent it over to the proper agency, and went out to play golf. (It was later discovered that many members of Congress had amassed large fortunes through holdings in China.)

 So, the bureaucracy, sometimes called the “Administrative State” or the “Deep State,” in turn gained the idea that they were running the government – which they were. (The “Bureaucracy” refers to the massive population which is employed by the Executive branch of the federal government through its many, many agencies, departments, and commissions)

The fourth member was the National Press. The press has favored the Democrats since Roosevelt, and there has been nothing in recent history to change that – except that ownership of the principal newspapers and broadcast outlets for the most part have come into the hands of Big Business – either owned by or serving the Dot.Com Billionaires.

So, that is the Unholy Alliance as it existed before 2014, when a renegade billionaire dropped a bomb! Real Estate billionaire, Donald John Trump, began his journey to the White House!

As his agenda became better known, it became clearer and clearer that he was talking about radical changes which would upset all the vested interests of the Unholy Alliance. At first, they didn’t think he had a chance to win the Republican nomination. Then he won the nomination, but the polls, with some exceptions, missed a whole new constituency of the previously non-voters drifting toward Trump. So, the Washington consensus remained confident that Hillary Clinton was going to win, and all was well.

The New Unholy Alliance

However, a small group at the top of the FBI, the CIA and the rest of the intelligence community decided to help Hillary by inventing a political fiction that Trump was a Russian spy. When Trump won, all the players in the Unholy Alliance coalesced around the Russian story as the only game in town.

The “Never Trumpers” – in both parties — began to acknowledge the power of the bureaucracy, especially the FBI, and the intelligence community, and then the Congress. That took longer. The Democrats were terrified of a Republican take-over (although Trump alienated some important Republicans as well).

The Dems quickly realized the need to maintain their traditional constituencies which were drifting rapidly toward the far Left. The thought leaders of the Democrat party began courting the new radical leaders, the rioters, the anti-police groups and especially the climate crowd. They also found a ready source of funds among the Chinese organizations and their American sponsors. So, they became sudden converts to what became known as the “woke” philosophy, and every other radical group as long as they hated Trump.

They began preparations for the 2017 campaign by publicly promoting the “Hate Trump” campaign and privately reaching out to Trump’s natural enemies, the business leaders on Wall Street and Tinsel Town, the news industry, academia, Silicon Valley, and Never Trump politicians in both parties – all of whom had massive financial investments at stake.

Thus, was born the current “Unholy Alliance”. They prevailed in the 2018 and 2000 elections while the pro-Trump people went to rallies by the millions and trusted the electoral system to translate Trump’s unquestionable popularity into electoral victories. That was a misplaced trust. The Unholy Alliance succeeded in changing the rules for elections in state after state as well as fine-tuning the voting “procedures” in precinct after precinct.  

Trump scared many of the big business moguls. After all, who could attack all his own investments in China? China’s vast markets and cheap labor pool were the basis of the new elite’s wealth. They didn’t want tampering with tariffs, repatriation of profits, etc. – bad for business.

Thus, it came to be that the big donors bought the Democrat Party through their monumental donations to the 2018 and 2020 elections. Their new partners in The Unholy Alliance opened access to the “Deep State”. The hate campaign against Trump which had started with Hillary and the FBI grew ever more widely promoted and thus divided the country to a depth unhealed yet today.  

The 2023 Unholy Alliance thus consisted of the following members:

1.     The elite business billionaires and their empires in China, which include in many cases their manufacturing and their new product research. A move out of China in those cases would probably mean bankruptcy,

2.    The Democrat Party

3.    The mainstream Press (newspapers, broadcasters, social media, digital news and editorial, etc.)

4.    The Deep State, especially the Justice Department (including the FBI), the CIA and other intelligence agencies, IRS, White House staff

5.    Wall Street

6.    Educational institutions from universities and increasingly to K-12 schools (including the Teachers’ Unions).

[Note: The traditional organizations that have served the Dems well in the past, have been more or less left behind in this new Alliance and some of their members have begun to consider more conservative options.] 

2023 Conclusions

1.   In China, America is facing the most dangerous threat to our place as the world’s only superpower.

2.   China’s victory would subject the USA to the rule of the most barbaric civilization since Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union with the added enforcement of 21st century technology. If the current rivalry leads to World War III, the toll on human lives will be in the millions (or more) and the end of civilization.

3.   It is therefore in our interest to avoid open warfare. The only policy to avoid war which has been successful in American history is President Reagan’s mantra, “Peace through strength.”

4.   The USA is now apparently seriously “outgunned” by the Chinese in weaponry, personnel, organization and, most importantly, enemy infiltration.

This last factor is vital to the Chinese strategy. It can be surmised that China has been proceeding to follow the Reagan strategy and expected to conquer America without a war – with in fact by America’s mistakes.

The China Factor Is very complex.

During the reign of Jiang Zemin (1989-2002), China opened its massive market and its welcoming embrace of foreign investment, manufacturing, and trade to a willing American business community, which was quickly enamored of the enormous opportunities available in the largest country in the world. This optimism was handsomely rewarded in the years to come, and China became the foundation of many of the companies that produced the Dot.Combillionaires.

Thus, when President Trump identified China as the major competitor for our American position as the World Leader in both commerce and military capacities, he was immediately opposed by the American “Establishment”. It then became common knowledge that the massive re-arming undertaken by China in recent years was based in large part on American technology.

The huge technical innovations that had been developed by Americans had been surrendered to the CCP (“China Communist Party”) as the price for access to the tremendous profits represented by the Chinese markets and labor pools. So, America’s big business rejected the mounting dangers posed by China in favor of continuing to do business as usual,

Even as the Chinese military threat became more and more aggressive, these same oligarchs actively resisted attempts to leave the enemy territory. Faced with the current attitude toward China as an enemy, which is held by an increasing percentage of the American public, the American business community has opted to wait out this movement in the hope that it will pass.

This last factor is vital to the Chinese strategy. It can be surmised that China is proceeding to follow the Reagan strategy and expects to conquer America without a war – with in fact by America’s leaders who owe their fortunes and their positions to the CCP (“Chinese Communist Party”). The necessary preamble to this scenario lies in two more decisions made by the American leaders in 2023-2024-5:

a.      the first decision was to strangle the American economy in government spending on ‘gifts” to the American people instead of rebuilding the American war machine to overcome the massive military might of the CCP.

b.     the second decision will come after the CCP military and economic dominance has been demonstrated, namely, to convince the American population that a shooting war with the CCP would result in the annihilation of our people and our civilization.

Reports have placed the CCP’s timing of this confrontation somewhere in the next 50 years. However, they may revise that timing to occur before the current administration leaves office, thinking that they may never have a better opportunity — with their team in the American leadership, the military in decline, and the chance that another Trump-like group might very well win the 2024 election. Remember that the CCP starts off with the fact that they could lose 300 million people and still have 3 to 4 times the population of the United States.

On our side, it seems that we are more valuable alive than dead. However, to contest the Chinese successfully, Americans would still have to re-arm, save the dollar, move our commerce out of China, and convince the CCP that America can muster enough power to carpet bomb mainland China to look like Nagasaki in 1945. The desired outcome would be that the best idea is for everybody to retreat to their respective homeland and think things over again.   

The problem with that theory was that the American government was entirely oblivious to the Chinese threat and in fact was diplomatically acting out a submissive posture to the Chinese. The American public was more concerned than the Administration but not sufficiently to understand the threat and force the leadership to re-arm. By then it was too late. Vladmir Lenin’s prediction that the Communists would not have to fight the Capitalists because their greed would cause them to defeat themselves came true.                                                                           

The final quiet ever-present force behind the Unholy Alliance is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – an unlimited source of funds, spies, and markets as well as ideological contributions such as American Marxism, climate crisis, and critical race theory.

It became common knowledge that the massive re-arming undertaken by China in recent years was based in large part on American technology which had been surrendered by American companies as the price of access to the tremendous profits of the Chinese markets and labor pools.

American business as a whole rejected the mounting dangers posed by China in favor of continuing to do business as usual. Even when the Chinese military threat became more and more aggressive, these same oligarchs actively resisted attempts to leave the enemy territory. In general, the American business community opted to wait out this movement until it was too late.

China has been quietly infiltrating and subverting American institutions for two generations. Their efforts have been spectacularly successful:

a.      They have elected their Manchurian candidates to high political office,

b.     promoted their friends to reign as the “captains of the American economy” (have you ever wondered how the Dow Industrial index could remain at record highs during a record inflation with crises in every direction?),

c.       controlled the intellectual power centers at all levels of the American educational system,

d.     watched the collapse of law and order in all the great American cities

e.      and watch the Unholy Alliance come together, step out of the shadows to assert their power in every aspect of American life


It is no wonder that China arrogantly flies a huge balloon over American’s most secret military installations. Every victor has to show off with a little “trash talk” when their winning strategy starts to surface. After all, the CCP’s changing the geography in the South China Sea is too far away for most Americans to see. (And then the stupid Americans didn’t understand the message!)

The transition to war readiness for Americans would have been painful. The first problem would be to find the leaders. After all, look what happened to the first leader, Mr. Trump, against the CCP – one vote from impeachment, a hate campaign successful for half the country, and a lifetime of persecution.

Another problem that would have had to be solved one way or another – the withdrawal of American business from China. Combined, they represent a massive contribution to the Chinese economy, individually each venture has such a substantial piece of their P&L in China that they probably would face business failure from devesting of China assets.

That’s asking more of your shareholders than they will allow. Maybe that is the place for a government-based loan program. 

We re-armed in 1942-43, and maybe we could have made the switch again. Remember that Vladimir Lenin predicted that “the Communists would not have to fight the Capitalists because their greed would cause them to defeat themselves”.  

 He was right!


 On Labor Day, 2024

·        Taiwan woke up to a complete embargo by warships surrounding the island which had moved in silently overnight.

·        The Luzon Strait in the Philippines woke up to a small nuclear EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack over the Luzon Peninsula, leaving all electrical devices absolutely useless (e.g., cars, stoves, computers, telephones, waterworks, etc.) and the likelihood of survival for this American ally nearly impossible.

·        An ultimatum to the President of the United States of America to accept annexation of all American territory by the Peoples Republic of China or face an all-out EMP attack on Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington DC.

·        The terms of the surrender were:

1.     No deployment of defensive weapons will be tolerated.

2. All official positions and personnel will remain in place until further notice, subject only to the government of the Peoples’ Republic of China.

3. Answer by noon today

The surrender:

At 12:10 on September 2, 2024,

President Joseph Biden

surrendered the

United States of America

to annexation by the

Peoples Republic of China

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