History loathes idiots. Thus, sane Americans who comprise the vast majority of the population are increasingly rejecting the policies that demented Joe and his utterly incompetent administration are trying to shove down their throats by authoritarian coercion. However, the list of the incompetent anti-American idiots is long and with every new day is getting even longer. Starting with the mentally bankrupt Commander in Chief himself and continuing with his deputy, whose hysterical and abnormal laugh resembles the whooping and giggling sounds of a spotted hyena, and winding up with his advisers and cabinet secretaries, whose qualifications for the job are mostly tied to their pedigrees, the current Executive Branch resembles more a collection of irredeemably incompetent morons than qualified leaders befitting the greatest nation on earth.

The strategic catastrophe called Afghanistan has been the complete collapse of leadership on every level of the Executive Branch. Combined with the general malaise of American democracy, the United States of America faces its most horrific crisis since the 1860s. Yet, the Afghanistan infamy is also a distraction from a much deeper malaise in American national identity. While the United States of America has avoided the Kafkaesque/Orwellian trap of completely turning political morality on its head until the election of 2016, support for the status quo has gradually been eroding since the early 1960s. Clearly, Afghanistan was the ultimate nail in the coffin of the American people’s trust in politics. The Democrat Party as well as the overwhelming majority of the written, electronic and social media have embraced the ideologies of the Marxist-Leninist version of Communism/Socialism, which in its practice has historically enforced an inverted reality. This intentionally manufactured fallacious ideology has always been a utopian fiction that has led to highly destructive political fabrications. Apathy and cynicism have become endemic. The elections in 2020 have resulted in an additional breach of trust in the entire constitutional system. Presently, the American political construct is rivetingly dysfunctional. The name of the Democrat(ic) Party has become an oxymoron. This party has turned itself into an undemocratic, hate filled cabal with a despotic herd mentality. Factional platforms function as parties within the Democrat Party. Outside the same party, pseudo-political grouping and organizations have been pursuing cult ideologies that have led to social upheavals and complete lawlessness across the nation. On the Republican side, lack of political, economic and cultural consensus and intellectual vacillation have rendered many voters insecure and made America’s allies wary.

Finally, American democracy must confront the realities of its self-made miseries. Again, the American people’s trust in the constitutional order, its principles and their implementation by the elected and appointed bureaucracy has seriously been broken. Cynicism has become prevalent across all layers of American society. The mediocrity of President George W. Bush’s two terms, the duplicitous mendacity of President Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” and the turbulent four years of the Trump presidency, with its poisonously fraudulent campaign of political lies and irresponsibly manufactured media hysteria by the Democrat Party and its fellow traveller groups and organizations, have infected the United States of America with the mental virus of mass idiocy. The product of this state of ubiquitous derangement has been the creation of countless false realities and the resulting election of a grievously demented former Senator and Vice-President to the highest office of the Republic.

Equally disturbing for the future of mankind is that this burgeoning madness, enemating from Washington, D.C., appears to gradually envelop, like a giant Anaconda, the rest of the world too. These alarmingly unsettling global developments, in turn, have opened innumerable doors for legions of perverse and even pathological ideas, designed to mostly accommodate the uneducated as well as the uncultured to believe that they alone possess the keys to the perfect future of mankind. Thus, they have become the proverbial useful idiots in the hands of political and media manipulators who have been waging war against societal peace and stability.

Accordingly, the first nine months of the Biden presidency has been characterized by an avalanche of lies and fictions that have been clothed in the torn rags of the allegedly justifiable martyrdom of the have-nots. Their lyings have transformed the Biden presidency into the reign of idiots. In this manner, the Democrat Party and the overwhelming majority of the feckless media have created a cult reality that through the relentless chasing of the Communist/Socialist utopia has been consumed by the terror of fallacious transcendentalism. This fraudulently manufactured cock and bull myth has popularized the false notion that as long as there is injustice and inequality in the world, any means, including extreme intellectual and physical tools to play God, are authorized. Such a combination of individual and communal hatred ipso facto appears to legitimize aggression and bottomless hatred.

Clearly, individuals and groups with these sorts of mentality have brought forth the recent national infamy of the United States of America. Most importantly, the belief that a discombobulated idea of “nation building” could be successful in an ethnically and religiously deeply divided non-state society borders on absolute insanity. To stipulate to people whose religious mentality places God on the top of the society’s pyramid as the sole sovereign that strange people from about eight thousand miles would replace this omnipotent God with the American President and his co-workers has been ab ovo preposterous. In this context, the Taliban has had little difficulty, if any at all, arguing that either God is your Lord or the Americans and their allies. Moreover, claiming that the Quran, the Sharia as well as the Hadid and not the secular political, economic and cultural theories of the Heathens would sustain and nourish the true believers, namely all the Muslims, the protracted presence of the NATO forces was easily depicted as ungodly occupation of a Muslim land. This, in turn, gave the impetus to wide-spread resistance, which led to the exaggerated glorification of faith-based martyrdom. Again, the Taliban argument to oppose the secular transformation of a Muslim society by the foreign Unbelievers was that any cooperation with the latter is idolatrous and, therefore, according to the Quran and the Sharia, punishable by death.

The forced promotion of Western institutions were completely antagonistic to the religious dogmas of Islam, which understandably provoked the indignation of the religious majority, especially outside the urban areas. As a result of American and Western failure of this perspective, the NATO installed and protected presidents and their bureaucracies were the enemies of Islam and, therefore, the enemies of the Afghan people. The ultimate result was the unintended creation of Muslim martyrs and the burgeoning sympathies of the average Afghans with their sacrifices. Thus, regardless of many military victories against the Taliban and other anti-Western militants, the spirit of the opposing forces was never crushed completely. In fact, throughout the NATO occupation of Afghanistan, there was no peace in the country. Afghanistan remained a hopelessly ungovernable place with criminal gangs roaming the land and fighting ferociously with the foreigners and also among themselves for money as well as power. Clearly, the Afghan resistance rejected any compromise and would have no peace with its secular compatriots and the foreign occupiers. Therefore, the Doha, Qatar peace talks were nothing but hollow exercises in extreme futility.

In essence, the war in Afghanistan boiled down to a war between the Taliban version of Allah’s kingdom on earth and the secular political regime of the foreign Unbelievers. In this sense, the Taliban and the other militant groups and organizations were unambiguously driven by religious motives. Yet, in their assumption that they alone are endowed by God with the truth, they were so carried away by their religious fanaticism that they became simply marauding murderers. Like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the other minority criminal groups and organizations in the United States of America, the Taliban and all the other militant groups and organizations were heavily penetrated by corrupt elements, eager for mayhem and murder, practicing additional cruelty and terror throughout their respective societies. Still, the issue of utmost importance in Afghanistan was the choice between normalcy under the foreign Unbelievers and stability by the violently aggressive domestic forces, who relied on God’s assistance.

Trapped in the self-constructed ivory towers of multiculturalism, the United States of America has gone about over politicizing the war on terror, while wasting about eight trillion dollars on funding “good” terrorists and chasing “bad” terrorists across the globe. This “corruption on purpose” of six presidents of both political parties, has betrayed the original objective of fighting Muslim terrorism in the guise of legitimate religious Jihad and has allowed a host of criminal organizations to establish “deep states” within the existing states across the World of Islam. So-called allies within and outside NATO, like Pakistan, Qatar and Turkey, and marauding Jihadist networks with identical ideologies and equally common commitment to global violence, such as al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, in its numerous incarnations, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood, have grown into the defining predicament of the 21st century. Yet, instead of having relied on Pakistan and Qatar to mediate between Washington, D.C. and the Taliban, presidents, their advisors and members of Congress should have read George Orwell’s 1936 essay titled “Shooting an Elephant.” Briefly, this essay gives the lie to one of Wokeism’s favorite inverted realities about the myth of “multiculturalism.” Exploring the glaring paradox between European and Burmese/Asian mentalities, Orwell concludes that the best way to promote hatred among peoples with different cultures is to try imposing one’s culture on others by force. Thus, after shooting a temporarily raging elephant who killed a coolie, in order not to look clueless and not to lose face, Orwell, serving as a low ranking policeman in British Lower Burma, was caught in the middle between “hatred of the empire and his “rage against the evil-spirited little beasts who tried to make {his} job impossible.” The lesson of the essay is clear: do what you think is right and not what others stipulate of what is right. Forgetting this dictate, has effectively wrecked the global war on Islamic Jihad and its global terrorism. Revising the fight against the over politicization of this scourge of mankind is essential to root out Muslim Jihadism.

Thus, the twenty-year long occupation of Afghanistan ended in a catastrophic humiliation and the continuation of the ruthless civil war after the persistent refusal of the United States of America and its allies to face reality. The Taliban is back in power. The secular accomplishments of the last two decades were quickly abolished. More importantly, the seeds of the West’s catastrophe lay much deeper in the fiasco to rally around a truly anti-terrorist narrative and thus to resolve the long-simmering inherent conflict rooted in the past nine centuries between Judeo-Christianity and Islam, which could have enabled the former to live up to its view of itself. The global Jihad of the divided World of Islam between those who glory in their martyrdom and the peace-loving Muslim majority will endure unabattedly. The passion for unencumbered violence of the former will certainly grow in intensity, swaying all the discontented in the greater Middle East, Africa, Europe, the American continent and Southeast Asia.

Already, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon have ceased to function as normal states. Jihadists in Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Mozambique and the Republic of Congo have effectively utilized extreme opposition by local Muslims to the respective central governments and their all encompassing corruption in order to set whole countries ablaze. Albeit still remote, the looming disintegration of other Muslim-majority states remain a possibility in the future. The Islamic Republic of Iran has functioned since its inception in 1979 as a terrorist syndicate and a continuing source of instability among the Shi’ite Islamic groups throughout the World of Islam. The two “Supreme Leaders” so-called ‘Islamic Movements” have ignited Shi’a separatism even in Pakistan and India too. Clearly, for these uncompromising defenders of Islam, terrorism under the banner of the Quran means righteous zealotry in practicing vengeance upon the enemies of the only true Faith.

Generally speaking, Jihadists are all the same. Hamas head Ismail Haniyeh, who resides in Doha, Qatar, was quick to state that “The demise of the American occupation and its allies proves that the resistance of the peoples, foremost of which is our struggling Palestinian people, will achieve victory.” Although Hamas’s reign in the Gaza strip has been politically, economically, financially and culturally a complete disaster, Ismail Haniyeh is used by Tehran as an agent to strengthen Iran’s global expansionist terrorist network. To assure that Hamas could continue its destructive work on behalf of Iranian terrorism, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestine Refugees will seek $800 million annually at a donor conference scheduled to take place in Brussels in November 2021.

Meanwhile, in the United States of America, and especially in the corridors of federal powers in Washington, D.C, common sense has deserted sane decision making. Politicians and military leaders have united during the numerous Congressional hearings to shift the blame away from themselves and label warranted criticisms as Republican as well as conservative bias and anti-American consciousness, while indulging themselves in running in vicious circles of hallucinations and abnormal explanations. Trying to put the burden of political and moral responsibility on everyone who represents reality, Democrats and top military leaders repeated ad nauseam the nonsense about climate change, anti-racism training and pathological Wokeism.

Clearly, a purely military approach, combined with the political extremism of the military leadership, to fighting Islamic terrorism, also called Jihadism, is doomed to failure, and will only make the rest of the world more susceptible to further elevation of terrorism as a useful tool to destabilize democracies. The mass and increasingly uncontrollable migration mostly from Muslim majority countries has created additional openings for Jihadism.

The solution is to bring forth in the United States of America and in NATO a special force of political and military experts on terrorism in general and Jihadism in particular who know everything and also understand everything about the true nature of local and global terrorism. Real democracy can only be sustained where unreal ideology cannot override truth and reality. Lies, such as multiculturalism, critical race theory, limitless hatred against those who happen to think differently, and wield the Damocles sword of highly politicized racism under the guise of even more despotic racist ideology, can only produce fallacy. The time has come to fight both domestic as well as international idiocies that threaten to destroy the world for the sake of a small minority’s quest for absolute power and money.

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