Allow me to begin this article with a rather extensive personal note from my earliest professional life. I was born and initially educated in what commonly, yet imprecisely, used the be called Communist Hungary. Highly unprecedentedly, I never joined the Alliance of Young Communists (Hungarian acronyms: KISZ). As a matter of fact, one of the reasons that I defected was that individuals in high government positions wanted to recruit me into the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party (Hungarian acronyms: MSZMP). Upon finishing my studies at the Faculty of Political and Legal Sciences of the Eotvos Lorand Scientific University I was assigned to the Chief Prosecutorial branch of the Hungarian government. To protest would have been futile, since under the dictatorship most persons did not have the luxury to freely choose their employment. Thus, first I became an assistant prosecutor. After eighteen months, I took successfully the Hungarian bar exam and was sworn in as a prosecutor. After eight months on the job in the capital city of Budapest, I defected with my wife and three year old son to the Federal Republic of Germany. Setting aside my political views which were totally detrimental to the prevailing political direction in Hungary, I can state unequivocally that I was never instructed by my superiors to single out innocent individuals for persecution or prosecution in the absence of a well-founded suspicion that a criminal act was committed. Even more unequivocally, I was never instructed to create a crime where there was none.

Now, this introduction leads me naturally to the infamous Mueller investigation of the so-called “Russia Collusion.” Born out of the pathological hatred of the defeated Democrat Party and the Republican Party establishment of President Donald J. Trump, fueled by the misplaced conviction of their sickly entitlement, and driven by the insatiable and arrogant appetite for absolute power, they collectively decided that the voters are not mature enough to know what is the best political future for them. Illegally utilizing the anti-Trump sentiments of then President Barack Hussein Obama’s Department of Justice, the FBI leadership, and the highly politicized intelligence agencies, they put in motion a process which was designed to cause the paralysis of the federal government and the eventual overthrow of the duly elected President. The Mueller investigation is the bastard child of this criminally treasonous attempt to destroy the constitutional order of the United States of America by useless idiots masquerading as patriotic and politically impartial bureaucrats.

Clearly, there is too much hatred in the United States of America that used to be the envy of the world for freedom, for democracy, and for the unquestionable respect for the rule of law. The tip of the proverbial iceberg is the irrational, unreasonable, visceral, and extremely personal hatred for President Trump, for members of his family, and for his supporters both at home and abroad. The manifestations of this unprecedented hatred for a sitting president range from labeling him racist, misogynist, homophobic, etc., to likening him to Hitler, Mussolini, and all the other former tyrants that committed terrible acts of terrorism and genocide on their citizens as well as foreigners. At the foundation of this totally personalized political and morally repugnant hatred is the fact that presently the American political life resembles a tower of Babel. In this cacophony, even the most insignificant politician parrots his or her idiocy and turns a deaf ear to ideas voiced by others. In general, some only want to destroy everything without offering viable alternatives, others believe that their ideas will bring about ubiquitous equality in the shape of government managed social justice, and a minority hope that the combination of the two former movements will lead to an all-consuming political revolution.

In reality, none of these political and social movements is either viable or honest. Superficially thought through by politicians and political activists with little or no serious education, yet with boundless ambition for power, they only contribute to the atrocious division of the Union. Even more importantly, they fail to comprehend the lasting damage caused by the spiritual disorder that has already generated significant intellectual and moral deterioration throughout the entire society and across the globe.

Without a doubt, American society is facing the crucible of a civil war between those who call themselves “Democratic Socialists” and those who strive to preserve the Republic as established in the Constitution over two centuries ago. The former attempt to build a utopian political order that rightly depicted by Aristophanes in his comedy “Acharnians” as a city situated outside the realm of reality somewhere in outer space beyond the control of the legitimate legal system and human principles of coexistence. Therefore, to state that Socialism is unworkable is clearly a gross understatement. To start with, the political, economic, societal, and cultural theories of Socialism lack real human foundations. Actually, from its inception, Socialism had been trapped in an inhuman vacuum. Especially, after the November 2016 and 2018 elections, the battle cries for a “Democratic Socialist” metaphysical transformation of the United States of America have become more hysterical, elevating their demands for ephemeral social and economic equality, all kinds of real and imaginary cultural identities, and unnatural sexual deviations as absolutes, even religious in character. Counterintuitively, the existing principles of democracy and capitalism are labeled by them as nothing but evil and perdition that must be condemned by the printed and electronic media as well as exterminated if necessary by every possible state/government brutality.

Historically, this situation is one of the most unsettling. With very little sponsorship from the voters and with no supporting principles of legitimacy in the constitution, this political movement of “Democratic Socialism” is torn internally by mounting disagreements among multiple factions that will surely devour each other in their ideological and existential hate and fear. In this context, it is impossible to understand the resurrected American version of “Democratic Socialism” without uncovering the roots of the ideology, alternately called “Communism”, “Marxism”, “Scientific Socialism”, “Social Democracy”, and “Democratic Socialism.”

Contemporary Socialism was born as a reaction to the triumph of Capitalism and its religious justification by the teachings of John Calvin. In his theological interpretation, Calvin declared that earthly riches mean God’s approval of the person’s goodness, while poverty translates to God’s rejection of the person’s spiritual and existential inadequacy. This doctrine of predestination of Protestant Reformation, laid the foundation for the political and existential hatred between the haves and the have nots. Calvin’s theocratic city state developed into an unforgiving despotism. Coupled with Calvin’s burning hatred for the Catholic Church, Geneva’s leading body, the “Konsistorium”, introduced bloody terror through an extensive spy network, the ubiquitous use of torture, and the uncompromising prosecution of anybody, including children, who violated its morality code. This hatred, in turn, led to the emergence of Cromwell in England and Robespierre in France. Both of these messianic despots intended to destroy the existing political system in order to gain absolute mastery over their respective realms. Yet, at the end of their reign they accomplished nothing but destruction, firmly believing that they succeeded in ruling over their people. In 1796, through an unsuccessful coup d’etat by the Communist Gracchus Babeuf a new attempt was made to put Calvin’s despotism to the test of practical politics in France. Had he succeeded, Babeuf would have abolished private ownership and would have introduced the state’s monopoly on education. Furthermore, even religious discussions would have been barred, total press control would have been enforced, and science, arts, and all kinds of individual productive activities would have been made strictly forbidden. Moreover, money would have been completely abolished too. The implementation of these radical measures would have been guaranteed by gruesome state terrorism, which would have destroyed both society in general and families in particular. As Babeuf’s closest adviser Sylvain Marechal declared, everything would have been destroyed and everything would have been denied. In this manner, the political, economic, social, cultural, and terrorist programs of the Russian Bolsheviks were ready to be carried out already in the end of the 18th century.

Against popular beliefs, Karl Marx did not contribute new ideas to the already existing Socialist theories. His main work “Das Kapital” was an attempt to harmonize Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s philosophy of history with the antinomian principles of Materialism. Marx accepted Hegel’s dictum about the dialectical development of humanity, in which thesis and antithesis will always lead to new synthesis. However, Hegel’s fatal error was that he could not reconcile the non-linear, dialectic development of history and the Kantian “Categorical Imperative” with his stated “Fatalism” of unavoidable human progress. Likewise, Marx’s attempt to find “Natural Laws” which will prove without any doubt the historical necessity of the transformation from Capitalism to the classless, and ultimately stateless, society of Communism had remained an exercise in theoretical as well as practical futility. Having failed to justify his “Historical Materialism”, Marx, and later his closest collaborator Friedrich Engels, turned Hegel’s individual responsibility on its head by abolishing the latter on behalf of a collective responsibility of the champions of class warfare, namely the new ruling class of the workers, whom they called the “Proletariat.” Accordingly, in the Communist Manifesto Marx stated that his “classless society” and the ultimate demise of the state could only be accomplished through the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat.” Such a transformation of the traditional morality into an unscrupulous political immorality was prominently emphasized by Engels whose materialistic approach of history (materialistische Geschichtsbetrachtung) prepared the ground for the (un)ethical justification of future Socialist revolutions, specifically the October Revolution of 1917, in St. Petersburg, in Imperial Russia.

The first attempt in the 20th century to put the theory of Socialism into practice was made by Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin. Calling his faction after the Marxist Congress of London of 1903 “Bolsheviki”, meaning in Russian the “Majority”, he and his organization seized power by force from the hapless transitional Kerensky government in October/November 1917. Although Lenin designated his government as the “Soviet (Council) of Workers and Peasants”, in reality, his convoluted political ideology remained mostly alien to both classes throughout the reign of the Soviet Communist Party. The reason for this enduring disconnect was Lenin’s contradictory compromise between the West European notion of Marxist Centralism and the Russian/Slavic dream of the union of the peasant communities, the “Mirs.” While promising to liberate both from the oppression of the past, the Bolsheviks established a terrorist state that practiced unprecedented and unmitigated cruelty against all classes and ethnic groups of the Soviet Union. As the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky already predicted in his book “Demons” in 1870, Lenin, and later Stalin, established a terrorist state, in which everybody lived like a slave of the state. As Dostoevsky’s liberal minded character by the name of Werchowensky stated at the end of his lengthy monologue: “Slaves shall be equal among themselves…… Within the herd equality shall reign.” Clearly, the type of Socialism/Communism of the Soviet Union was the incongruent union of the revolutionary thesis of Karl Marx with his equality fanaticism and the childish dream of utopian Communism of the Russian peasantry.

Thus, through the fetishization of equality, Soviet society became atomized, motherhood caricatured, the biological differences between the sexes bagatelized, and the cohesion of the family destroyed. Accordingly, the ensuing chaos could only have been prevented by the establishment of a dictatorship of an elitist minority that ruled unscrupulously with the help of the armed organizations of total oppression. In this manner, ubiquitous equality was transformed into absolute inequality, and the utopian dream of a stateless society into the despotism of the almighty and unaccountable elitist state.

Similar attempts to introduce Socialism/Communism in China, in Asia, in Africa, in South and Central America have not fared better. The history of “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” when written will also prove the ultimate failure of the protracted and ever metamorphosing Chinese experiment. Equally, Kwame Nkrumah’s and Jomo Kenyatta’s “African Socialism” ended in predictable catastrophe. The reason for these serial failures can be found in the Socialist/Communist dogma that designates the successful individuals as evil, while elevates mediocrity and failure as a virtuous trait of the oppressed.

The best illustration of this idiotic reasoning is the “Liberation Theology” in Central and South America. Conceived and propagated mostly by Catholic priests, this Communist theory blames backwardness and poverty in the subcontinent on the rich who allegedly make the vast majority poor. In order to defend the interests of the poor, the main objective of the Catholic Church should be to assist the state to do justice by taking money away from the rich and distribute it among the poor. Authorizing the state to play God is justified by these priests in the name of biblical progress. In fact, the history of Socialism/Communism in South and Central America makes a mockery of the “Liberation Theology.” The more this theory is practiced, the greater inequality, corruption, nepotism, terrorism, and the total collapse of the economy are generated. In reality, “Liberation Theology” is the Communist wolf in the sanctimonious clothing of corrupted Christianity. Most recently, the enduring bankruptcy of the so-called Castroism in Cuba, the predictable collapse of Chavism in Venezuela, and the ruthless despotism of the Ortegas should be proof enough that Socialism accomplishes nothing but the terrorization of the population at large. In turn, this terrorization is the direct consequence of the mutual fear of the oppressor minority and the oppressed majority. As this ubiquitous fear takes hold over the entire society, hatred and the spirit of revolt will increase too. These inevitable sequences of fear will always lead to more terrorism and a permanently recurring vicious circle of terrible bloodsheds. Essentially, the fundamental tenet of Socialism as an ideological and political dogma is a veritable challenge to common sense and moral decency. Democracy and capitalism are evil and have no right to exist. All inequalities and all sufferings shall be eliminated by replacing them with the utopian ideology of Socialism/Communism.

The defeat of Senator Bernie Sanders by Hillary Clinton in the Democrat primaries in 2016, was viewed by the American Socialists as a crime committed by the Democratic National Committee against the majority of the Democrat voters. The resulting electoral victory of the Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump, called for a “class struggle” and a war against the alleged “right-wing extremism” across the United States of America. The 2018 midterm elections handed the House of Representatives back to the Democrat Party. Some of the Party’s newest members campaigned on and now are promoting the socialization of the economy, the universal nanny state, and the creation of a classless and environmentally totally green Communist society. Taking a page from Lenin’s teachings, these “Democratic Socialists” believe that “We must hate – hatred is the basis of Communism.” To wit, hatred of President Trump, his followers, and the policies they represent has become the ideological and political foundation of the new generation of “Democratic Socialists.”

The revolutionary craze now in vogue in the United States of America attempts to popularize the idea that only its devotees are moral and all the opposition to them is inherently immoral. However, this is only one of the many lies of our times. Not only have the lies of Socialism/Communism destroyed everything rational and practical, but their mythical and utopian principles have never proved to be efficacious in reality. Moreover, Socialism/Communism has never been able to marshal a clear majority in any democratic election. Finally, in Socialism/Communism authority has never come from below. It has always come from above. This also explains why Socialism/Communism could never have been legitimized. It has never enjoyed the free consent of the governed. By not having been able to count on the support of the majority, Socialism/Communism has become the political ideology of the fanatics. And herein lies the other destructive trait of Socialism/Communism. The throat-cutting contest mainly in Europe in the first half of the 20th century should serve as a warning sign to all Americans at the beginning of the 21st century. The “Democratic Socialists” claim that they alone possess the secret of how to save the United States of America and mankind from themselves. Accordingly, Socialism/Communism strives for exclusivity. As such, it denies democratic legitimacy. Because democratic legitimacy is at the heart of the Constitution, Socialism/Communism renders democracy inapplicable. Clearly, Socialism/Communism with its “Historical Materialism” is the wrong panacea for the 21st century. The United States’ ‘Democratic Socialists” do not understand the fundamental challenges of their times. For this reason, they will fail the same way as their predecessors did since the 18th century onward. Their solution to destroy the existing society and replace it with an impractical utopia that has always lacked specificities is a dangerous fallacy.

By now, it is obvious that “Political Correctness”, “Identity Politics”, and the hateful rhetoric of “White Supremacy” are nothing but artificial political slogans. As any popular movement containing the adjective “Socialist”, the Democrat Party is running into a political disaster. Senators Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, and Amy Klobuchar represent nothing, save their collective desire to grab power by promising to satisfy certain utopian aspirations of diverse minority voters. Their common denominator is their hatred for democracy, freedom, common sense, and the truth. They cannot tolerate them. They do not believe in them. They only respect the inversions of democratic principles. Their mission is to propagate misinformation and nonsense to the uninformed. Their ubiquitous motto is: For our followers everything. For everybody else, not even justice. For these reasons, “Democratic Socialism” as a progressive political movement is a fraud. Instead of inspiring society with positive messages, these politicians spread fear and the notion of victimhood. Clearly, the Democrat Party is turning into a political organization of negativism par excellence. Its future is discouraging. The more it wallows in negativities the more it becomes devoid of positive and constructive solutions.

The founding fathers in their ultimate wisdom established a Republic whose mission has always been to preserve and strengthen freedom and the belief in the goodness of every citizen. They rejected experimentation with democracy and, by design, made modifications in the Constitution very difficult. The histories of Nazi Germany and the Bolshevik Soviet Union are catastrophic monuments to the abysmal failures of experimentations that did not have the acceptance of their citizenry. In 2016, the American voters rejected the Obama/Clinton attempt at a “fundamental transformation” of the country’s moral foundations and traditions. The defeated Democrat Party had the choice to be a constructive opposition. Instead, it chose to be a destructive opposition. The difference between the two alternatives is crucial. A constructive opposition represent its ideas within the framework of the legal system. The destructive opposition does not believe in the strength of its policies and for this reason strives to overthrow the legitimately elected government by defamation of characters, dissemination of lies, and illegal manipulation of the legal system and the institutions of law enforcement.

In the spiritual realm, the destructive activities of the anti-Judeo-Christian forces, such as Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, among others, must be recognized as extremely injurious to the intellectual cohesion of the United States of America. While the First Amendment does not differentiate among religions, certain core teachings of Islam are foreign to the doctrines of Judeo-Christianity that are accepted by the vast majority of the American people.

The state of overall freedom is an indication of how democracy works in the United States of America and across the globe. Presently, the political and spiritual situations in our country are not good. The American people are full of wariness about the future and rapidly losing confidence in the wisdom of the mindless resistance against the duly elected President and his administration. To his credit, President Donald J. Trump has been working hard to restore and preserve the constitutional and spiritual fundamentals of the Republic. He understands better than his opposition that maintaining the greatness of the United States of America is not a social cause primarily. It would be this great country’s tragic misfortune, if it would not succeed in overcoming the destructive attacks on its fundamental founding principles. A civil war between the constructive and the destructive ideologies would surely lead to a terrible catastrophe for the greatest nation in modern history.

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