by David Rutz • Washington Free Beacon

Hillary Clinton told the FBI she didn’t “recall” 39 times according to the investigation report about her email server practices released Friday.

According to CNN correspondent Evan Perez, the response generally came to questions about “whether or not she was aware of the propriety of using her unclassified system to discuss some of these issues” and whether she’d gotten security training to use such a system to discuss sensitive programs.

He recounted one “remarkable” example, where Clinton and other State Department officials were in discussion about a drone strike in 2011, and Clinton professed ignorance about how to talk about the topic over a Christmas holiday.

“What’s remarkable is the secretary of state says that she wasn’t aware of what the rules are for handling this type of stuff over Christmas holidays, because, as you know, over the holidays people are traveling, they don’t have access to their classified SCIFS, their secure systems to communicate, and she said she didn’t really know, there was no protocols for dealing with that,” he said. “That’s kind of shocking, frankly, that you don’t know that you can’t talk about something so sensitive as a drone program.”

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