George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti, Tom Donelson and Dr. Larry Fedewa discuss:

The Debt Ceiling Deal – the good, bad and ugly — 87,000 IRS agents. 

Turkey’s Erdogan wins reelection. What does it mean?

Russian propaganda claims US ran a bio-lab in Ukraine that developed deadly diseases. 

DOJ leaks show once again that the the DOJ is corrupt & politically motivated. 

DOJ is assisting Joe Manchin who trails Gov. Justice in the polls by 22 points by announcing legal action to help Manchin. 

Follow the Science is the chant of the extreme Left, but as Climate change, the Green New Deal and the Pandemic proved, the extreme Left merely uses the claim of science to support their agenda. 

The extreme Left forces baseball players to apologize for being Christian. 

Dylan Mulvaney announced that he is attracted to females and thus may be a lesbian. 

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