George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti and Tom Donelson discuss:

Another leftist prosecutor who hates the rule of law has indicted former President Donald Trump — using a law designed to take down criminal or mob organizations. Two Democrat lawyers — Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley — say this indictment is factually thin and flimsy and legally absurd and clearly just a political operation to get a political opponent. 

Bidenomics is destroying America’s economy. A foundational element of Bidenomics is the dishonestly named — “Inflation Reduction Act.” Inflation is still high. Americans are paying about 18% more for basics than they were when Biden took office. Americans are more than $8,000 poorer each year since Joe Biden took office. Energy costs are high. Gas prices are at a 10-month high, and have been above $3 a gallon for almost all of Biden’s presidency. Real wages are down by more than 3% since Biden took office. The economy is stagnating with anemic growth. Credit card debt is over $1 trillion, an all-time high.  Mortgage rates are at a 22-year high.   

Next week, the first GOP debate will take place. Will Trump show up? Will any of the other candidates have a break out night? 

Communist China’s economy continues to implode. How will their economic difficulties — caused by socialist policies — affect the rest of the globe?  

While Maui burned in America’s worse wild fire in about 100 years, Joe Biden vacationed at the beach and couldn’t be bothered address the tragedy of over 100 deaths and the horrible destruction.  A reporter asked Biden about the climbing death toll and Biden’s response was “No comment” Thank you Mr. Compassion & Mr. Empathy! 

Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond” is number one on the country charts. What it it about his song that has struck a cord with so many millions of Americans? 

The Hollywood Writer’s Strike — does America even notice or care? 

The Russia – Ukraine War and how the counteroffensive seems to be moving slowly for Ukraine. 

Gavin Newsom’s California is in free fall. Only 16% of the state’s population can afford to buy a median priced home — which is less than 1/2 the rate for the rest of America.

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