Frontiers of Freedom Weekly Report – January 6, 2023

George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti, and Tom Donelson, discuss: (1) the GOP impasse on Speaker; (2) what the GOP House will be able to undo the harm done by the extreme Left in recent years; (3) Gov. Ron DeSantis’ recent inaugural address; (4) Adam Schiff has been using his government office to silence his enemies; (5) The Left’s insane focus on climate change politics is weakening the economies of the Western world, but China continues to be the world’s largest carbon dioxide emitter and the Left doesn’t even complain; (6) Americans are voting with their feet and fleeing liberal states in masse and moving to conservative states; (7) Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to the border; (8) the totalitarian regime in Canada is threatening Jordan Peterson with a re-education for disagreeing with the dear leader of Canada; and (9) an update on Damar Hamlin’s condition and recovery. 

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