March 29, 2024

George Landrith, Joe Mangiacotti and Tom Donelson discuss:

Why does Joe Biden consistently misrepresent the taxes paid by the wealthy?

NYC and other liberal cities could learn a lesson from Florida and how they helped arrests decrease by increasing police presence rather than defending the police and refusing to prosecute law-breakers.

The Baltimore Bridge collapse & Joe Biden’s claim to have ridden a train across the Francis Scott Key Bridge that has no railway on it.

Off Shore Wind turns out to cost more than twice what it was projected to cost — green energy means it takes a lot of cash to be able to afford it.

California’s minimum wage increases are killing jobs, and driving up proverty rates in California.

Biden Administration betrays Israel at the UN and does nothing to actually promote longterm peace.

RFK’s VP Pick – Nicole Shannahan – a committed leftist

Will Trump pick former democrat Tulsi Gabbard as his VP?

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