Obama Iranby Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi

In his embarrassingly unpresidential Cairo speech in 2009, President Obama stated that “in the middle of the Cold War, the United States played a role in the overthrow of a democratically elected Iranian government.”  This statement was vintage Obama.  On the one hand, he demonstrated his historical illiteracy for ignoring the hundreds of books and thousands of essays published in Iran and throughout the world about the real causes of Mohammed Mossadegh’s downfall in 1953.  On the other hand, by mindlessly parroting the KGB-manufactured disinformation about the CIA’s involvement, he signaled to the mullahs his sympathy for their hatred against the United States of America.

More tragically, Obama’s apology reflected his naivete about the root causes of the United States’ troubled relationship since 1979 with the Islamic Republic of Iran.  In his intellectually defunct book “The Audacity of Hope” he portrayed the United States as a rogue state that, from its inception, arrogantly trampled on the sovereignty of others.  In fact, he clearly intimated that he was elected to rectify the past immorality of American foreign policy not just against Iran but also toward the wider world.

To nobody’s surprise, except perhaps, President Obama’s and his like minded advisors, the mullahs in Tehran failed to reciprocate.  Instead of enhancing America’s bona fide by demonstrating that the new administration does not endorse the sins of his predecessors, especially George W. Bush’s, the “doctrine of mea culpa” only encouraged the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, to become more aggressive in his pursuit of global Islamic revolution and more vitriolic about the “rogue” United States and its main allies.

Thus, having decided that leadership of the free world and the power to protect it are inferior in importance to his personal crusade for ubiquitous love, he forfeited the former and diminished the latter as antediluvian tools of foreign policy to be absconded.  Meanwhile, the mullahs have embarked on establishing a “Shia crescent” from Iran to Lebanon and simultaneously have increased their political, military and economic investment in militant organizations, such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, and a wide assortment of other terrorist organizations throughout Africa and South-East Asia.

To add insult to injury, Obama’s misguided ideological symbolism has been made even more politically catastrophic by having combined it with his utopistic and delusional demand for “nuclear zero”, a world without nuclear weapons.  The combined result of this unreal world view and Obama’s understanding of the United States’ proper place therein is the Iran nuclear agreement.

As far as the Mullahcracy is concerned, the agreement is viewed as a highly successful Iranian deception.  Indeed, from the regime’s perspective, Iran did not agree to suspend uranium enrichment permanently.  Nor did they have to give up their ultimate objective of developing nuclear weapons in the foreseeable future.  Moreover, the country’s tyrants did not  have to abandon their ultimate goal of exporting the so-called “Islamic Revolution” throughout the region, from Bahrain to Iraq, and from Syria to Yemen, Africa and South-East Asia.  True to form, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, neither endorsed nor rejected unequivocally the agreement.  In remarks on his official website he opined that the future of the agreement was uncertain:  “it is not clear whether it will be approved here, and it is not clear whether it will be approved there.”

Undoubtedly, Tehran has played the Obama administration for fools.  The regime’s representatives signed the agreement in July, in Vienna, because the international sanctions bankrupted Iran’s economy and politically isolated it from the rest of the world.  Yet, signing the agreement will not stop the Mullahcracy from clandestinely advancing and developing their nuclear weapons program and permanently destabilizing the politically most volatile region of the world.

Clearly, the agreement spectacularly failed to eliminate the problems that it set out to solve.  The only acceptable solution is regime change in Tehran preferably by peaceful or, if needed, by more radical means.  Otherwise, the greater Middle East and even the rest of the world will pay an extremely bloody price for Obama’s delusional folly.

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