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Faced with what the World Health Organization calls the “most severe acute health emergency in modern times,” who gets the job of Ebola Czar? A political hack who signed off on the Solyndra fiasco.

Everything about how the unfolding Ebola crisis is being handled by the Obama administration suggests unseriousness and incompetence — painfully ironic considering that “making government work for the people” was one of President Obama’s original promises.

From refusing to ban travel to and from the West African Ebola hot spots; to the misinformation about medical protocols to isolate any cases of the disease appearing in the U.S. being ready; to the dubious claims that only those with symptoms could pass on the virus; this administration has gotten it wrong.

Challenged by so much confusion and so many dangers, the president canceled several fundraising trips for his party, but who does he then appoint to oversee the U.S. government’s efforts against Ebola? Famed rags-to-riches neurosurgeon Ben Carson perhaps?

No. Ron Klain, a political operative played by Kevin Spacey in a movie about the 2000 Florida recount.

Spacey’s big line was when Klain told Al Gore after the Supreme Court decided for George W. Bush:

“I beg of you sir, just give me one more shot!”

Klain, with no background in health but who was chief of staff for both Gore and Vice President Joe Biden, gets his one more shot now, with who knows how many American lives in the balance. He blew his first shot on the $535 million in taxpayer money wasted on solar panel maker Solyndra.

“It looks like it is OK to me,” Klain said in a May 24, 2010, email. Less than a year and a half later, the darling of Obama’s energy policy declared bankruptcy.

Klain’s other achievements? Well, the White House says he was great supervising some of the taxpayer money wasted in Obama’s failed economic stimulus.

As Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said of Klain:

“This is a public health crisis, and the answer isn’t another White House political operative.”

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