by The Federalist Staff

Kim Strassel, Wall Street Journal columnist, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss her new book, The Intimidation Game: How the Left is Silencing Free Speech. Strassel breaks down corruption surrounding campaign finance laws, political scare tactics, why American’s feel the government is inept, and the President’s constant politicizing of federal agencies.

Strassel explained how the IRS targeting scandal set off widespread harassment against conservative politicians. “The targeting is not done. There are still groups that have not received their 501c3 status which is astonishing because we are talking about 5-6 years into the process,” she said.

This week Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch created a media firestorm this week after privately meeting together. “First of all, that is an abdication of [Lynch’s] responsibility,” Strassel said. “She’s in essence saying, ‘I screwed up to such a degree that now I can no longer do my job,’ so this is one reason she shouldn’t have met with him.”

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