November 7, 2012

Dear Fellow Americans,

For many of us, there is tremendous disappointment and frustration that a President who spent the last four years stagnating the economy, expanding the government, projecting weakness abroad, and attacking and dividing Americans has been reelected to a second term. But despite our disappointment, we must remember that there are no permanent victories and no permanent defeats. We must take courage.

Regardless of yesterday’s results, we must regroup and advance the cause of freedom in the coming days and months. Securing the blessings of liberty is not a part-time endeavor or an occasional commitment. The price of freedom truly is eternal vigilance.

We cannot become bitter or disconsolate, and we must not waste time in recriminations about who our candidates were or how they might have performed better. This election is now over. We must remain focused on the horizon in front of us — not on the terrain we traversed yesterday.

The principles of constitutionally limited government, economic freedom and opportunity, and the values embodied in our founding documents will always be relevant and we must never abandon them.

We will likely see a battle for the heart and soul of America during the next four years. Will government continue to grow at unsustainable rates? Will class warfare continue to be waged? Will economic freedom continue to be under assault? Will future generations continue to be burdened with oppressive debt? Will religious liberty continue to be under assault? If Frontiers of Freedom has anything to say about these questions, the answer is “NO!”

The President did not win a mandate. He simply won four more years. In fact, he is the only President to win a second terms with a lower level of support than his first term. So he cannot continue to try to cram his extreme policies down America’s throats — as he did on healthcare. But conservatives will be happy to work with the President to balance the budget, shrink the size and scope of government, reduce taxes, eliminate infective regulations that kill jobs, formulate a productive national energy policy, and keep America strong and secure.

We have a lot of work to do. The debt is at crippling levels. The economy is in danger of slipping into recession again. The shadow of Obamacare is harming an already weak economy. The nation has been purposefully and sharply divided as part of a cynical election strategy. The Middle East is in flames and our enemies have been emboldened. As Americans who love our country and cherish freedom, we must start working to solve these problems. There is no time to waste.

Exit polls show that a strong majority of Americans believe that government is too big and too costly. We must reduce the size, scope and cost of government. This is a truly bipartisan agenda.

While his first term suggests otherwise, we hope the President has had a change of heart and will be true to his word to unite Americans and will begin working productively with conservatives to get the economy moving and shrink the government. But regardless, our duty is stand tall for the principles of liberty found in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. We must work tirelessly to build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civic virtue thrive. We hope all Americans will join us in this effort.

We cannot shrink from the duty before us. And we must never, never give up.

George C. Landrith

President, Frontiers of Freedom

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