The Blaze and Townhall caught MSNBC lying again. They took a clip from a recent Romney/Ryan rally and edited it to make it appear that the crowd was cheering only Ryan’s name and that Romney stepped in and corrected them to add his own name to the cheer. The hosts then acted as if Romney was such a fool and such an egoist and out of touch.

Just one problem — that isn’t what happened. The video was deceptively edited and they add false text on the screen to suggest what the crowd is saying. (Below watch and compare for yourself the doctored MSNBC video with the actual video.)

It turns out that the real video shows that  the crowd was only shouting Romney’s name and he graciously added Ryan’s name to the cheer.

Here’s the deceptive video from MSNBC and the real video of the event. Side-by-side they show that MSNBC is lying. Last week, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell originally refused to air a video of Barak Obama clearly saying that he supported redistribution. The reason given was that they wanted to be sure the video was legitimate. I guess they know something about illegitimate video as this story proves.

Earlier this year, MSNBC’s parent NBC repeatedly aired deceptively edited clips of George Zimmerman’s 911 call, to make him appear to have racial motives in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.


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