The Obama campaign’s insistence in early July 2008, to have the then first term Senator to deliver a speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was the harbinger of what the American people and the rest of the world could expect from him should he be elected president. Following a highly acrimonious debate within Germany, the campaign settled on a new site, the Victory Column, appropriately next to the Berlin Zoo. The speech was vintage Barack Hussein Obama. Soaring rhetoric devoid of accurate facts mingled with meaningless cliches and without any real understanding of the state of the world. Calling himself a “proud citizen of the United States and a fellow citizen of the world”, he promptly launched into his “blame America first” charade. Mixing his enthusiasm for combating “global warming” with his dream of a “world without nuclear weapons”, he offered not a single solution to the challenges listed in the speech.

Upon having been elected President, his Inaugural Address was no more enlightening. Again, empty rhetoric punctuated by playing with words substituted for in depth analysis of world affairs and workable solutions. Following his inauguration, he embarked on a trip to Turkey and Egypt, two trendsetters for the Islamic communities. In Ankara, he stated that the United States “is not, and will never be, at war with Islam”, which clearly evaded the real issues within and outside the Muslim world. In Cairo, he tried to milk his Muslim background to the fullest by quoting selectively from the Qur’an and shamelessly falsifying history throughout his speech. Most egregiously, he claimed seven million American Muslims, when, in reality, there were only a million and a half Americans of that faith. To cap his dumb catering to his audience, he hugely inflated Muslim contributions to American culture and to the world at large.

What followed were unmitigated foreign policy disasters throughout his presidency. Having decided to choose the thorniest path of all, he attempted to convince the Israelis and the Palestinians to reach a compromise agreement commensurate with his unrealistic scheme. It was like attempting to square, or using Bill Clinton’s favorite term, triangularize a circle. The more he tried the more convoluted the situation on the ground became. And when finally his entire idiotic policy snapped, he turned his attention to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Throughout his Iran adventure, Obama was guided by his obsession with wholesale acceptance before the world. This megalomaniac and narcissistic desire drove him to totally neglect American interests in Iran, the greater Middle East and beyond. His courting of the Iranian Mullahcrats resulted indeed in a tragedy. At the end of his presidency, Iran has controlled Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and in de facto alliance with ISIS, have fomented civil wars in Libya and Yemen. The equally disastrous 5+1 nuclear deal with Iran has laid the foundation for a nuclear arms race in the region in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, he ignored attempts at democracy in 2009 in Iran and the Arab Spring movements in 2011 and on. To add insult to injury, he incessantly berated Israel and fueled the flames of anti-Semitism across the world. In this manner, Obama’s so-called foreign policy rewarded the United States’ enemies and punished its friends.

In his speech in Strasbourg, France, on April 3, 2009, he conveyed the American people’s alleged apology to France and Europe for not appreciating sufficiently Europe’s presumptive “leading role in the world.” Demonstrating that his stupidity knows no bounds, he claimed that the United States repeatedly has shown “arrogance” and has been “dismissive and even derisive” toward its allies. Obama’s penchant for unnecessary apologies did not end there. On April 17, 2009, he apologized to Central and South America for “at times we sought to dictate our terms.” Before that, on April 2, 2009, at the G20 Summit of World Leaders”, he again apologized for dictating terms instead of seeking consensus and cooperation. To wit, on May 21, 2009, at the National Archives, in Washington, D.C., he even apologized for having gone “off course” in the War on Terror. From that, logically he apologized for Guantanamo and the presumptive mistakes of the CIA while fighting Islamic terrorism, a term he never uttered. Alternately blaming the United States and rogue elements who, according to him, were not real Muslims, he foolishly ignored the consequences of his stubborn denial. For there was no other idea more calculated to arouse emotion and hatred in the Muslim communities than blaming the United States for Islamic terrorism.

Concerning Russia, Obama first kissed up to Vladimir Putin and then vilified him for exploiting his weaknesses. Neither had his policy toward China any discernable direction. Generally speaking, Obama’s foreign policy lacked a coherent strategy and was guided exclusively by the political demands of the moment and his idiotic incompetence. Moreover, humiliatingly for the superpower that he lead, his foreign policy was absolutely unprincipled. As a consequence, the belief was growing across the world that the United States is an unreliable partner and that Obama’s contradictory policies only created confusion.

Yet Obama’s biggest fault was wishful thinking. By bashing the United States he hoped to be remembered as realistic. By embracing his Muslim heritage he wanted to demonstrate his sympathy for multiculturalism. By his quest to eliminate nuclear weapons he strived to cement his legacy as a sanctified savior of the world. By claiming to obey a higher moral law he betrayed his oath of office and failed both his people as well as the rest of the world. History will be cruel to him. He will be remembered as an appeaser for appeasement sake and a fool on account of his lack of understanding for his country’s role in the world.

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