Historically speaking, political hatred had been as old a human phenomenon as prostitution, alcoholism and drug consumption. Moreover, political hatred had always been destructive and never constructive. Finally, the most glaring characteristic of all politicians practicing politically motivated hatred had been their nauseating hypocrisy.

Since the unexpected election triumph of Donald J. Trump over Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democrats have resolved not to accept the will of the American voters. Consequently, they declared total resistance to the Trump presidency. As a start, they have invented the myth about the “Russian Collusion.” Never mind that the real conspiracy was perpetrated by the Clinton campaign that commissioned and fully paid for the so-called Steele dossier. Never mind that the Obama FBI spied on the Trump campaign illegally. Never mind that high officials at the Department of Justice, the FBI, and heads of several intelligence agencies repeatedly lied and thus misled the FISA courts.

Never mind that the former head of the FBI and his friends have employed illegal deceptions to fabricate the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the duly elected president without even a single circumstantial evidence. Never mind that this ongoing investigative farce has divided the nation into two opposing political camps. Never mind that the international reputation of the United States of America as a constitutional republic and the shining example of a nation characterized by absolute respect for the rule of law has been gravely damaged. Never mind that the politicians who insist upon this macabre persecution of the highest office holder are considered to be both at home and abroad America’s useless idiots. Never mind that the near paralysis of legislative branch has perpetuated the maladies of the country and simultaneously has rendered both Houses of Congress dangerously ineffective. Never mind that this situation has forced President Trump to mostly govern by executive orders. Finally, never mind that the majority of Americans have gradually been radicalized and the federal government has been falling victim of a permanent lie.

Presently, President Trump, both Houses of Congress, and even the judiciary are shut within a vicious circle; and all the proposed solutions have thus far resulted in drawing this circle only tighter. The stalemate over illegal immigration, the endless harassment of President Trump with baseless allegations, and the irresponsible threat of impeachment, point to an impending national catastrophe.

Clearly, the indecisive handling of the illegal immigration crisis raises serious questions about the ability of successive administrations, and presidents who stood at their heads, to put together a coherent immigration legal system. As a result, both American citizens and illegal immigrant have been left in a limbo; waiting anxiously to find out what solutions the executive and legislative branches will come up with. By now, the overwhelming majority of Americans have realized that their country needs an immigration regime that is legally sound, without loopholes and, therefore, functions seamlessly.

Adding insult to injury, almost all illegal immigrants have come to the United States of America in search for a better life through employment and not as asylum seekers who have faced actual persecution for political reasons in their country of origin. The lack of a well-defined legal system about immigration has encouraged tens of millions to chance the dangerous trek through multiple countries in the hope of eventually receiving residency and citizenship sometime in the future. From a purely humanistic perspective, the vast majority of Americans cannot but empathize with the misery of illegal immigrants seeking a better life for themselves and their children in the United States of America. Yet, tolerating the unencumbered invasion of their country will not solve the problems of the grossly dysfunctional countries of Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia. Doing so will neither help those countries and will only perpetuate the status quo. More importantly, allowing unchecked movements of mostly illiterate, badly educated, professionally untrained, and unemployable illegal immigrants will put a tremendous financial strain on the as of yet stable and thriving economies. Finally, the large majority of these illegal immigrants and even their children will overwhelmingly remain culturally alienated and existentially stuck in prolonged poverty.

This problem is complex and the solution also requires a multifaceted response. A combination of physical barriers and the deployment of sophisticated technology are necessary. However, taking away the economic and social incentives for illegal immigration is also needed to successfully combat the current lawless situation in the southern borders of the United States of America.

In this light, calling those who advocate reasonable immigration policies immoral, inhuman, and even racists only create and perpetuate economic misery, political instability, the weakening, and even the destruction of the constitutional order of the United States of America. Therefore, to allow the issue of illegal immigration to continue metastasising into a politically catastrophic, hate-based cancerous tumor is unacceptable and wrong. The United States of America must set a clear immigration policy. For this the time is now.

Concealed behind President Trump’s opponents hypocrisy, is a twofold tragedy – corruption of the founding principles of the republic and the steady erosion of societal peace and stability. The constitutional order of the United States of America is in a real danger of collapsing. The perversely counterintuitive resistance to President Trump by the Democrats, which has manifested itself in political and personal hatred, has turned into a hoax. And a hoax, which is a compendium of lies, can never be transformed into a democratic governing principle capable of ensuring domestic and international order. This inverted democracy of the Democrat Party can only lead to the denial of the fundamental principles of the constitution and the subsequent establishment of the modern totalitarian state.

The real and ultimate objective of the Democrat Party is to cajole the United States of America into a violent revolution. In this context, the Democrats’ modus operandi is binary. Intellectually, the plan is to steer the country away from its founding principles and toward socialism. Constitutionally, the plan is to destroy the existing legal system based on the rule of law, in order to bring about social justice through political subjugation. The result, based on prior historical experiences, is predictable. The destruction of the constitutional order, the elimination of all freedoms, and the establishment of a minority’s tyranny will engender a fear-based panic that will engulf like a giant fireball both the oppressors and the oppressed.

For these reasons, Americans must fight the burgeoning current of political hatred. They must also understand that the illusion of the socialist utopia can never be turned into a perfect reality. Furthermore, the American people must reject the unworkable political construct of socialism and demand the restoration of the United States of America to its founding principles.

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