Joe Mangiacotti PhD & Larry Fedewa PhD –

Hey folks, after a brief absence, Dr Larry has joined Joe back in the studio – Check out Episode #108 of Doctors of Common Sense

On this week’s DOCS Joe and Larry look at Impeachment, what do the Republicans have, what should they do … will it go anywhere and the very fine line Speaker McCarthy is walking.

How much evidence will it take for the Dems to uphold their pledge to the U.S. Constitution?

Will POTUS last to the last day of this term? Will the Dems switch out the candidate?

What say you?

Feeling a little confused lately? Wondering who is telling the truth and what the big picture looks like?

Maybe the two doctors of common sense can help you get a better grip on the state of our country.

Dr. Joe and Dr. Larry don’t have all the answers, but they have been around the block a few times and have their feet on the ground — enough to figure who’s on first and where second base is.

Pretty funny sometimes too!

Sept 14th 2023 – Doctors of Common Sense: Dr Joe and Dr Larry
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