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President Biden refers to rapper LL Cool J as ‘boy’ while speaking to Congressional Black Caucus Trump

Slams Woke Howard Stern: ‘A Broken Weirdo, Unattractive Both Inside and Out’

Robert Menendez broke the ‘Goldilocks rule’ of corruption

Cuomo says Adams is ‘right’ to claim migrant crisis could destroy NYC, rips Biden and Hochul policy ‘madness’ It’s got to be tough to be the leaders at the Washington Post, water-carriers for the Biden administration. Along with many others, they took a poll to see how his re-election prospects are going … and they didn’t like the results.

Washington Post gobsmacked over its own poll result on Trump soaring approval — and hastens to tell its readers it may be an ‘outlier’

‘He’ll Do It Again’: Hillary Clinton Warns of 2024 Russian Election Interference

New Poll Shows Trump Crushing Biden by Double Digits

Mass. Dem. Gov. Creates Illegal Alien Crisis, Then Declares Emergency, Then Drains Funds From Everywhere To Pay For Illegals

Brooklyn court clerk stole nearly $500,000 over a decade, transcript reveals Menendez, Defiant, Says He Will Not Resign Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey spoke publicly for the first time since being charged with taking bribes in exchange for exerting political influence.

Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Monday she is calling in the National Guard to assist in the ongoing migrant criss. Hochul announced an additional 150 National Guard members will be deployed to address the migrant crisis and help with case management to get asylum seekers work permits – particularly Venezuelans who now qualify for temporary protected status.

The additional 150 members bring the total number of National Guardsmen supporting the mission to 2,200. The governor said 250 National Guard members will focus solely on case management to help the Venezuelans who came before July 31 to apply for Temporary Protected Status – and then work authorization.

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