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America’s Embarassing Energy Debacle

by George C. Landrith

President Barack Obama has been criticized by both supporters and critics for making and then breaking too many campaign promises. Whether it was closing Guantanamo, ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, allowing five days of public debate before signing legislation, slashing earmarks, or permitting no tax increases on those earning less than $250,000, President Obama has fallen far short of his promises. But there is one promise he made as candidate Obama that he has kept as President Obama – dramatically increasing the cost of energy. Continue reading

Is this Administration Serious about Energy or the Economy?

by George Landrith

We are in the  fourth year of Barrack Obama’s presidency and the final two months of the election.  Finally, Obama is at least talking about the economy, jobs and energy. Sadly, he isn’t serious about any of them. He’s just running for re-election. He’s not announcing any real changes in policy or any new plans. He says this time, he will work and compromise with Congress. Continue reading

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