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Alan Dershowitz Should Expand His Case Against the ICC


By Shawn Macomber

So the International Criminal Court has allowed the amorphous, sort-of-a-State of Palestine join its ranks, thereby establishing a pretext for an investigation into possible war crimes committed by the Israeli Defense Forces during the Gaza conflict last summer, and Alan Dershowitz is roughly as happy about the decision as one would expect a man who counts titles such as The Case for Israel (2004), The Case Against Israel’s Enemies (2008), and a host of other unambiguously pro-Israel tomes to be.

First the celebrated author, civil-liberties lawyer, and retired Harvard Law professor went on Newsmax TV to declare the decision would “mark the death of the ICC” — wishful thinking at best, alas — and then followed that broadside up a few days later with a pugilistic Jerusalem Post op-ed in which he argued the ICC had sacrificed legitimacy for too-easy politicized grandstanding for the following reasons:
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