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President Barack Obama: whatever happened to hope?

For many American voters Barack Obama has lost his air of can-do heroism

“He is an extremely solitary man. He is the most introverted president we have seen in the United States for decades. Barack Obama sits alone in his presidential study, up in the White House, for hours at night, writing and thinking and looking at memos and processing.”

by Andrew Marr

So [Superstorm] Sandy arrived right in the last act, smashing and thrashing, killing and ripping. Has this latest tempestuous eruption, following the storms Beryl, Florence, Joyce and Nadine, been the deus ex machina — or the deus ex Atlantic — to settle one of America’s most extraordinary and bitterly fought presidential elections?

It won Obama a gold-plated endorsement from one of America’s most popular Republicans, the New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who fears that climate change is to blame; and an embrace from another admired Republican governor, Chris Christie of New Jersey. Continue reading

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