Having been anointed even before the presidential primaries as the best qualified and the most entitled to succeed Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s admirers have forgotten that the sovereign voters can behave like unpredictable monsters, capable of murder by the ballot box when they believe that their beloved Republic is threatened. Thus, when she lost deservedly and in an unexpectedly spectacular fashion, the Democrat Party has taken upon itself to prove that the winner of the presidency, Donald John Trump, and not their nominee is to be blamed for the humiliating electoral outcome. Strangely, the resulting campaign to unseat the democratically elected president, has exhibited all the evil strategies and tactics employed over eight decades ago by the then Dictator Perpetuus, Josef Vissarionovich Stalin, in the former Soviet Union.

Sick of the endless chaos and devastating disorder caused by the World War and the Bolshevik takeover of St. Petersburg, the masses across the vast Russian Empire looked for a new Czar, a wise and resolute leader of the leaders who they hoped would bring about peace, stability, and prosperity. Here in the United States of America, during the post-Reagan three decades of mediocre presidential leaderships, the protracted wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the enduring terrorist threats from the Middle East, and the last eight years of the woefully incompetent and idiotic domestic and foreign policies of Barack Hussein Obama, have caused the majority of Americans to clamor for a president who would be able to provide real leadership at home and abroad.

In the Soviet Union of the 1920s and 1930s, the political chaos, economic disasters, and lawlessness grew as time went on. The all encompassing evil covered everything. The dictator Stalin was so frightened that he decided to physically eliminate everybody even remotely connected with the establishment and the maintenance of the regime. The ensuing purge trials, also dubbed the Moscow Trials and Stalin’s Terror, led to the execution of at least half a million individuals, including the entire leadership of the so-called Lenin Politburo and the majority of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. In addition, an estimated twelve million were sent to the Gulag, where half of them died. Interrogators used intimidation to coerce the accused to implicate more and more individuals in non-existent crimes that were exclusively invented by Stalin himself. These made up crimes ranged from the conspiracy to murder Sergei Kirov to plotting the overthrow of Stalin by Leon Trotsky and his accomplices, and to outright treason. While none of these crimes really ever happened, the NKVD interrogators concentrated on two questions: “Who recruited you?” and “Who did you recruit?”

After Stalin’s death, his successor Nikita Khrushchev in a fit of self-criticism, stated: “The commission has become acquainted with a large quantity of materials in the NKVD archives and with other documents and has established many facts pertaining to the fabrication of cases against Communists, to glaring abuses of Socialist legality which resulted in the death of innocent people. It became apparent that many party, Government and economic activists who were branded in 1937-38 as “enemies,” were actually never enemies, spies, wreckers, etc., but were always honest Communists…. They were only so stigmatized and often, no longer able to bear barbaric tortures, they charged themselves (at the order of the investigative judges – falsifiers) with all kinds of grave and unlikely crimes.”

There has been strong suspicion and more recently mounting circumstantial evidence that most probably there existed a Stalin-like plot, masterminded in the White House by then President Barack Hussein Obama and his closest confidants, and enthusiastically implemented by the heads of the FBI, the CIA, and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to ensure the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the certain defeat of Donald John Trump in the 2016 presidential elections. This cunning conspiracy, if proven, would be unprecedented in the history of the United States of America. A seating president actually using the intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the federal government to betray his oath of office and to circumvent the democratic process by baselessly implicating the nominee of the Republican Party in outrages personal behavior, illegal business relations, and nefarious political acts. When this plot to rig the presidential election failed, the same high ranking federal employees have conspired to invent a Stalin-like fraudulent investigation of the Trump campaign and the duly elected president with the objective of removing him from office.

The burning question is: How did the United States of America, the sole superpower and the freest country on earth come to this juncture in its history? The answer can be found in the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama. The former opened the Pandora’s box of unnecessary wars that has not given the United States of America any strategic advantages. On the contrary, they cost a staggering six trillion dollars that weakened the country politically, militarily, financially, and economically. The latter came to the presidency woefully unprepared. Not unlike Mikhail Gorbachev in the waning years of the Soviet Union, he was more concerned about the style of his speeches than their actual content. As all incompetent and intellectually wanting individuals, he selected his advisors to be inferior to himself. The result was an avalanche of grossly harmful decisions across the spectrum of the country’s political and economic lives that brought the people close to the malaise depicted by former President Jimmy Carter.

Even more disturbing is the damage that these two presidents have inflicted upon the international standing of the United States of America. Both made themselves the laughing stocks of the world. Consequently, they jointly have ruined the reputation of the United States of America as the leader of the international community. Moreover, because of their numerous unreasonable and contradictory policies, even allies and friends have lost confidence in the reliability of these former presidents.

Simply stating, both were bunglers, amateur politicians who hovered between many extremes without any logic or motive, and who, at the end, were not feared but loathed across the globe. Clearly, for almost two decades, two failed presidents have contributed to the ensuing chaos at home and in the world, while firmly believing that they are performing great deeds.

With this background the election campaign in 2016 boiled down to one compelling issue: The citizens of the United States of America felt strongly that they needed a president who has already proven himself successful at least in one area, namely the economy, in a perpetually changing and increasingly threatening world. On the other side of the political spectrum was a candidate who left a legacy as First Lady, as Senator, and as Secretary of State, as a domestic and as an international laughing stock with her extreme socialist health care plan and ruthless intimidation and dehumanization of her husband’s female victims, her insignificance as a Senator, and her ridiculous bunglering as Secretary of State her Russia policy and her contemptible actions across the greater Middle East and North Africa. Having proven her incompetence for the tasks that circumstances presented her with, the American voters decided that she lacked both the required intellect and the needed courage for the presidency.

More importantly, the majority of the voters rejected the relentlessly aggressive drive by a small minority to move the country away from its Republican form of government toward a Socialist one, attempting to recreate the failed experiences of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. This unequivocal repudiation of the Obama Administration’s domestic policies, combined with his assault on private property, constitutional freedoms, and the mostly invented phony and hugely overblown racial divisions, doomed the Democrat Party’s chances nationally as well as locally.

Admittedly, to exercise self-criticism is more difficult than blaming others for one’s failures. Thus, the decision to invent a phony and non-existent conspiracy by claiming an unfriendly competitor’s complicity with the Trump campaign in explaining the unexpected result of the 2016 presidential election. The Stalin-like terror investigation has begun with a primitive story authored by a former MI6 employee, named Christopher Steele. Financed jointly by the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee the so-called “Steele Dossier” has served to justify the unlawful surveillance of individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the overall activities of the campaign itself. Woven together as a fairy tale with fantastically salacious details of sexual aberrations, the unverified dossier of a foreigner with clear hatred toward the Republican nominee has found its way to the highest circles of government, the courts, and the written and electronic media.

Mr. Steele’s modus operandi has been as simple as it was effective. According to the already published Nunes and Grassley memoranda, Mr. Steele endeavored to personally disseminate his product to whomever he was able to reach. With the politically motivated unprofessional actions of the American intelligence troyka, namely, James Clapper, John Brennan, and James Comey, and the totally politicized Department of Justice, the dossier found its way to the court established under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

What followed would have made Stalin proud. Through a network of high ranking government officials, the Obama Administration, and after January 20, 2017, his remaining loyal civil servants and political appointees, were able to force the Deputy Attorney General to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the so-called Trump campaign “collusion” with the Russian government and its various political and intelligence agencies. In the course of this investigation a lot has been written about the many lies, distortions and outright deceits of the “neutral,” “non-political” and “objective” civil servants. Here, it is suffice to state that the extremely wide dragnet of the investigation has served a single purpose: To intimidate innocent individuals into implicating the President in criminal wrongdoing. The long term objective has been to prevent anybody from joining any future campaign of a Republican nominee who dares to run against the Democrats anointed nominee. Essentially, the so-called “resistance” and “Team Obama” have undertaken jointly to organize and to implement a short and a long term coup d’etat against the Republic.

To be sure, President Trump was elected by the majority that revolted against the ideological despotism of the Democrat Party and a media bent on indoctrinating rather than informing their readers and viewers. More precisely, under President Obama’s eight years public opinion was stifled and society was utterly weary of the mind numbing political correctness. Not surprisingly, the voters wanted liberation, freedom of speech, respect for their contrarian beliefs, and a new direction with principles that reflected American and not foreign values. The scandalous tyranny of legal malpractice has been the logical continuation of the Democrat Party’s adventurous attempt to impose by force and coercion an ideology that has no foundation in the constitution, precedent, model, or tradition. The so-called “Russia Collusion” investigation is basically nothing else but the extreme manifestation of the Democrat Party’s fear that a successful Trump presidency will destroy the surreptitious labor of many decades and deprive it from regaining power for a long time.

Like all transitional periods in human history, the present situation in the United States of America has both its promising and alarming aspects. By appointing Robert Mueller as a Special Counsel, the Department of Justice has attempted to free itself of any control that the Congress, the courts, and the President might exercise constitutionally on its actions and political motives. Such a unconstitutional state of affairs can only end in total and unmitigated political and legal bankruptcy.

Yet, there are signs that the house of cards of the “Russia Collusion” is crumbling. Built on the disgraceful foundations of lies and sustained thus far by the artificial outrage of a power hungry minority within the Democrat Party and the media, it is no longer able to control a false narrative. As Virginia Federal District Judge T.S. Ellis aptly stated recently, the relentless and unrelated prosecution of Paul Manafort is aimed at the “prosecution or impeachment” of the President: “You really care about getting information Mr. Manafort can give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump and lead to his prosecution or impeachment.” Even more significantly, Judge Ellis added: “We don’t want anyone in this country with unfettered power. It is unlikely you’re going to persuade me the special prosecutor has power to do anything he or she wants. The American people feel pretty strongly that no one has unfettered power.”

In conclusion, the Mueller investigation is a political vendetta disguised as a legitimate criminal investigation. Ultimately, the outcome of this investigation will decide whether the United States of America will remain a constitutional Republic with all of its political and legal principles intact or will go down into a bottomless black hole of anarchy and disappear forever as the greatest power on earth. On November 8, 2016, the American voters made a decision that rejected the un-American policies of Barack Hussein Obama and his small circle of anti-democratic and anti-capitalist individuals. As the duly elected President of the Republic Donald John Trump is entitled to fairness and assistance in governing. Blind hatred masquerading as democratic revolution is alien to the American ethos. Surely, the American people will not tolerate the revival of Stalin’s spirit and his murderous policies in the land of the free.

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