by Dr. Miklos K. Radvanyi   Holder

In the aftermath of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases one element is the most perplexing. The President and his Attorney General are claiming, or insinuating that both victims were gentle and peaceful black persons, and the use of deadly force by the policemen in both cases was unjustified and essentially racially motivated. This judgment is blatantly counterfactual. More importantly, it is also destructively retrogressive. Just as the ideologically fueled racism of the twentieth century was ultimately defeated in Europe and beyond, the unsustainability of exploiting racial hatred in the United States for nefarious political objectives is losing its appeal for the vast majority of the people, both blacks and non-blacks, who share the American dream of universal liberty, internal and external peace, stability and prosperity for themselves and their families.

Honesty ensures clairvoyance. It is also always beneficial to be aware of the facts of a matter before decisions are made about what needs to be done to address effectively a given situation. Then again, if elected representatives and their handpicked ideological soulmates distort or pervert reality, they are betraying the fundamentals of their political legitimacy.

The most telling sign that democracy under the reign of Barack Obama and his miniscule circle of helpless amateurs is in deep trouble in America and the rest of the world lies in the ruthless revival and exploitation of the mythical racial divide. Every time the President of the United States fails to force his extremist agenda on Congress, he self- servingly waves the flag of racism in a cruel attempt to placate his capricious political base. In this manner, condemned to oscillate between a hateful ideology and reality, Barack Obama and his administration subsist in a bottomless hole of lies. The result is a situation mirroring the immorality of a professionally challenged and deeply dishonest political charlatan.

The roots of the current wave of domestic extremism are deep, because they are firmly embedded in the thoroughly discredited anti-democratic and anti-capitalist narrative of a small disgruntled minority that wants to seize power through violence. The claim that their grievances reach down through centuries of slavery, decades of alienation, victimhood, political oppression, and economic exploitation are mostly lacking credibility in the twenty first century. The ultimate purpose of these false narratives is to establish an aura of moral superiority for the ideology of political hatred. Accommodating this kind of extremism by attempting to pacify some of its more vocal members and awkwardly incorporating some of its ideology into the democratic fabric of society, will lead to certain catastrophe. Barack Obama’s and Eric Holder’s policies to render this minority’s demands respectable only serve the already failed narrative of fundamental transformation and the hollow battle cry of hope and change. Through their coordinated utterances and actions, they both reinforce the belief that the only way to seize power by this minority is to combine political violence and ideological extremism against “the others”, namely the putative “enemies” of such politics and ideology, and against everybody who opposes the idiocy of such a destructive adventure.

The present situation is indeed dangerous. On the one hand, the principles of Judeo-Christian morality are under unrelenting attacks by a small cadre of extremists. These hyper activist cadres are supported by the Obama Administration that has been trying to transform Judeo- Christian morality into the morality of hatred, mostly against the interests of the society and the world. On the other hand, instead of liberating the allegedly oppressed minority, the politics and ideology represented by Barack Obama deprive both the putative oppressors and oppressed of their respective freedoms. Thus, the people do not control their destiny any more. On the contrary, the people are dominated by a minority that has elevated racial, class, gender, and ethnic hatred to state and government policy.

Equally frightening is the fact that this extremist minority is exhibiting all the signs of an organized movement, striving to expand globally. It has an ideology that espouses universal hatred against decent and fair- minded individuals. It has a worldview that is fanatically anti-Western. It possesses deep convictions that resemble the morality of the two twentieth century European regimes of fascism and communism. And, finally, through the mediatization of its totalitarian ideology, these extremists are attempting to discredit and silence everyone who opposes their violent agenda. At the end, stripped of its moral compass, the individual is unable to differentiate between good and evil, and becomes an irresponsible human being with a commando mentality.

Ultimately, Ferguson, New York City, and many other locations in the United States and abroad, do not represent a violent clash among various civilizations
and cultures. The struggle is between the vast majority of humanity that value freedom and prosperity for all and a small minority that espouses totalitarianism that
is designed to transform the world into a cemetery. Historically, the latter had always prospered on the ruins of failed political and social experiments. Barack Obama has proved to be an unmitigated failure. It is up to the American people to learn of the past, make wise decisions in the present, and thus fashion a future world in which there is no place for political and moral hatred inside and outside the duly elected government.

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