In case Americans until now have harbored any doubt about the deep existential crisis of the United States of America, the events following the presidential elections should have convinced everybody that the Republic and its democratic foundations are being viciously attacked by a minority incapable to accept that the majority rejected their destructive ideas. Clearly, this minority concluded that the only way to gain political power is to overthrow by any means the legitimately elected President. Their modus operandi has been defamation of characters, illegal manipulations and outright persecutions, based on outrageous lies and baseless innuendos.

Equally despicable has been the role of the overwhelming majority of the media that under the guise of the First Amendment have totally corrupted the democratic process for their own nefarious purposes. Their behavior can only be described as a media-driven legal malpractice. A case in point is the malicious and false reporting on the Mueller probe that has been criticized repeatedly by special counsel Robert Mueller himself.

Moreover, both the printed and the electronic media, have been singing in unison the anti-American melodies of multiculturalism and social justice. In particular, all the major news outlets, with very few exceptions, have broadcasted and printed screaming and blatantly false headlines, since the beginning of the last presidential campaign. Overconfident of Hillary Clinton’s sure victory, they have painted President Trump as an evil person, and have accused him of being a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, etc., for having advocated social policies commensurate with the founding principles of the nation.

Simultaneously, they have promoted anti-constitutional, anti-Judeo-Christian principles that idealized the cultures of various minority groups with mostly anti-American ideas as morally superior to the prevailing culture. Their and their ideological twins’ objective have been to undermine and ultimately overthrow democracy, the rule of law, and the family, as the foundation of a well functioning and confident society.

The toxic narrative of the so-called “Russia Collusion”, also has been bolstered by the Democrat Party and a variety of organizations, ranging from liberal to outrightly communist, has turned out to be the road to nowhere. Adding the insult of the destructive media to the injury of the shameful shenanigans of the unelected intelligence and law enforcement agencies and institutions to the mix of the hysterical and conspiratorial “Trump Hatred”, the destructive opposition to the constitution and its principles want to abolish the democratic present and the democratic future of the United States of America.

Finally, it is high time for the people of the United States of America to call for more individual responsibility, professionalism and competence, especially in politics and generally in the public domain of the media and the arts. During the 1980s, there was a broad consensus about what the country stands for, what its main objectives were, and how to solve the problems that it faced. Yet, since the end of the Reagan Presidency on January 20, 1989, the United States of America has been both domestically as well as internationally in a permanent state of crisis. At home, the tyrannical attitudes of race-based, ethnic, sexual orientation-driven, and anti-religion minorities, aggressively push anti-Judeo-Christian narratives that promote their pseudo-culture with pseudo-morality and non-existent traditions, totally alien to the American majority.

In foreign affairs, the anti-Trump “resistance” have aimed at paralyzing by discrediting internationally the President. In spite of the tangible successes of President Trump in the Middle East, in Asia, in Europe, and in Central and South America, this opposition has resorted repeatedly to defame the President’s character with the fabricated “Russian Dossier” and similar stories plucked from thin air.

Clearly, this destructive and childish global resistance is a threat to the Republic. Moreover, it is a threat to democracy too. Hatred and vengeance, chaos and violence are not the manifestations of reasoned opinions and actions. On the contrary, the delirious and unbound hatred on display in the United States of America today shows nothing but the vilest impulses within the individual. Coupled with the notion of victimhood, justified or not, and encouraged even by a highly politicized judiciary, this dangerous attitude provides false moral justification for criminal revenge on the innocent and law abiding citizens. The turmoil, bordering almost on lawlessness is the result of the freedom that cannot be internalized by these individuals.

Yet all this hatred and all this revenge are unnecessary and pointless in a democracy. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe opined in his tragic play Faust: “He only earns his freedom and existence who daily conquers them anew.” In this trying times, when the voices of reason, love, and tolerance are under attack by those who preach the divisive notion of political correctness, the teachings of the founding fathers and their legacy enshrined in the Constitution must continue to guide us daily toward a more perfect and more democratic United States of America.

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