The United States of America has been passing through an exceptionally complex set of domestic and foreign crises since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the beginning of the 1990s.  The main reason for this tragic situation has been America’s inability to formulate a comprehensive strategy for the post-Cold War world.  Successive American presidents, starting with George W.H. Bush and culminating in the current occupant of the White House Joseph R. Biden Jr., have collectively displayed a degree of timidity that has prevented them from creating universally acceptable solutions to the rising chaos across the globe. 

Indeed, America has been forced to endure these disagreeable experiences because of the inferior qualities of its presidents and their advisors who have been called upon to make great decisions without possessing the indispensable brain powers.  The half-baked American military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq, Russia’s attempts to again become relevant in international politics in Moldova, Chechnya, Georgia, Syria as well as Ukraine, and China’s mounting aggression in Asia, have led to burgeoning abuses of force that, in turn, have resulted in the emergence of tyrannical regimes across the globe, including even within NATO.  Thus, without principled domestic and foreign policies, the United States of America has been lost in destructive contradictions, because the sole superpower failed to fulfill the hopes that its promises generated.  Universal disappointment has given rise to aggressive hatreds and primordial fears.

From George W.H. Bush to William Jefferson Clinton, the policy of “peace dividend” was sold to the American as well as the international public as a sure panacea against all the past evil of the world.  In reality, this so-called remedial policy was ignorant of core American interests, and woefully unsophisticated of the strategies and tactics concerning the real state of affairs abroad.  Thus, instead of striving to put in motion policies that should have accomplished positive results for the good of mankind, both former presidents got lost in irreconcilable contradictions.  To make matters worse, George W. Bush turned his presidency into an all encompassing convulsion of fear that, in turn, has contaminated the rest of the world.  Overwhelmed by the events of 9/11, he lost sight of reality and ended up in paralyzing confusion concerning America’s place and role in the world.  His successor Barack Hussein Obama was a universally unmitigated disaster.  He did not know where he was, where his country was heading to, or what the future would hold for America and the rest of the world.  His campaign promise of “fundamental transformation” created both domestically and internationally a global madness that threw America and the rest of the world into violent political, economic, financial and social upheavals.  His successor Donald Donald J. Trump tirelessly fought existing and imaginary demons, mostly within the United States of America.  Consequently, throughout his presidency, he was hopelessly mired in the generational struggle between progressive and conservative extremists who all believed that they alone could save America and the world, while actually destroying both.  As a result, even his accomplishments turned out to be the ephemeral creations of an ad hoc bundle of policy initiatives.

After more than a quarter century of growing abyss that have threatened to swallow up the world, the American people in 2020 desired a president who would bring real stability to their country and the world by being led by facts and not fallacious ideologies.  Proving that noble objectives can be overturned by the vagaries of politics, they and the world have ended up with Joseph R. Biden Jr.  His incompetence and even idiocy are not due to his advanced age but to his lack of mental balance as well as the dearth of ability to think constructively.  Thus, in spite of his long service in government, President Biden has been ill prepared for the job he presently occupies.  Instead of being intelligent he has been the prisoner of self-generated lies.  Instead of being courageous he has been prone to be adventurous.  Instead of being creative he has always been a tactician and an unconscionable manipulator of vile sentiments.  For these reasons, President Biden has never understood that there are three indispensable prerequisites for domestic tranquility and a stable international order:  the progressive impartiality of government by the firm support of the people; the elimination of lies and hateful rhetorics from the public domain, including the media; and the unambiguous differentiation between allies and foes. Presently, the immediate threats to the United States of America and the rest of the world come from distant and former semi-empires, namely, Russia, China and partially Iran.  All three face major and most likely insoluble domestic problems.  They also have to confront the challenge of what foreign policy to follow.  Should they acquiesce in the status quo with the United States of America remaining the sole superpower or should they expand freely by even taking up arms against it?  Should they form an alliance among themselves and destroy the present world order?  Is it an opportune time to take advantage of the confusion in the United States of America and Europe and seize additional territories in Europe and Asia by military force?  The most significant conclusion is that these three states and the rest of the world exist in irreconcilable contradictions.  Accordingly, the reconstruction of world politics is unavoidable.  For the sake of a better world, the United States of America must have a worthy president who does not resemble a pilot without a compass but a driver who already developed a global GPS.   

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