March 9, 2024

George Landrith, Tom Donelson & Joe Mangiacotti discuss:

Super Tuesday – Trump Wins Big & Nikki Haley Ends Bid

CA Senate Race – Schiff vs. Garvey

State of the Union Address — Get Off My Lawn! And a plethora of lies.

With Gavin Newsom destroying California, why does the Left pretend it is a model for the nation?

Sen. Krysten Sinema won’t run for re-election. Who does that benefit?

John Kerry proves once again that he’s a low IQ individual — the world would approve of Russia’s war in Ukraine if only they would reduce their CO2 emissions.

Supreme Court unanimously rules that states cannot remove a candidate from the presidential ballot.

Caitlin Clark is energizing women’s basketball. But will the Left destroy women’s sports?

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