ObamaCare Costs Pork
ObamaCare Costs Pork

When conservatives pointed out that you couldn’t keep your insurance policy, you couldn’t keep your doctor, and that the government or its panels and boards would decide what treatment will be given and what treatment will be denied (i.e. death panels), the President, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and virtually all of the Democrats in Congress, as well as the mainstream media, howled with outrage and claimed that such talk was absurdly false, patently dishonest, and even racist. Evidence now proves that the conservatives were right on all counts and that the President and his allies were lying or were just plain stupid.

With the cancellation of millions of policies and even the President’s half-hearted “apology,” it is now beyond debate that “if you like your health insurance, you can keep your insurance,” or doctor or hospital is fantastically false. That is no longer debatable. The only question is who knew they were lying and who stupidly repeated the lies of others without actually knowing.

But the revelation of campaign and White House memos and emails makes it clear that Obama and his senior staff knew all along that what they were saying was false and that they were misleading the American public so that the bill would pass, and later so that Obama could win reelection. That too, is now beyond argument.

It seems unlikely that Senators and Congressmen with their large full-time legislative staffs can honestly claim  that they really didn’t know. Frontiers of Freedom was explaining what ObamaCare would do. We figured it out. And when we, and many others, told the truth, Obama and his Democratic minions railed with anger about how we were the ones misleading America.

You can’t affirmatively call others dishonest and then later claim, you didn’t really know. When you say someone else lying, you are tacitly saying that you do know the truth and thus can determine if the other person is being truthful. So any congressmen or senator who now claims he didn’t realize what ObamaCare would do, was either lying or mind-numbingly stupid.

The truth is – Obama and his minions were entirely dishonest about their, “if you like your insurance plan, you can keep it, period” campaign and their “there are no death panels in ObamaCare” campaign. These falsehoods were designed to make people think they were not a target of the new law. But they were. So the president and Reid and Pelosi and others in Congress and the mainstream media lied to them to win passage of the bill and to win reelection. Now Obama is extending deadlines past the next election in hopes of further avoiding accountability with the voters in the midterm election. The pattern is unmistakable.

But what about the question of death panels? Who was right about that issue? Obama and the mainstream media said there were no death panels in the bill. They hoped such declarations would lead Americans to believe that it was completely false that government run or created panels would make decisions about what care would be provided and denied to those in need of medical treatment. They may justify their lies by saying such panels are not called death panels in the bill, but that is simply insulting. The fact remains, there are panels that deny treatment based on cost considerations. There have to be such panels, because that is how government was going to “bend the cost curve down.” That is how it is done in Canada and Great Britain. The government denies care and treatment and that saves money, but costs lives. That was always the trade-off.

But now, Mark Halperin, an established member of the mainstream media, the Senior Political Analyst for Time magazine, recently admitted that death panels are a real and integral part of ObamaCare. Steve Malzberg, host of a television show hosted by NewsMax, asserted that Obama falsely claimed that Obama denied the death panel element of ObamaCare, to which Halperin, replied, “I agree. It’s going to be a huge issue. And that is something else about which this President wasn’t fully forthcoming and straight forward.” Malzberg was surprised by Halperin’s candor and said, “So you believe there will be rationing, aka death panels? Halperin continued, “It is built into this plan. It’s not like a guess or like a judgment. That’s going to be part of how costs are controlled.”

So there you have it – conservatives were correctly warning that Americans would lose their insurance as a result of ObamaCare. Obama, Reid, Pelosi and many in the mainstream media denied that was true and maligned those who were telling the truth. Obama and all of his sycophants were wrong. Some lied, some were stupidly wrong. But now even the mainstream media is admitting that conservatives were also right about the government run or established “death panels,” that the president was dishonest about that issue too, and that it isn’t even a matter of question or judgment, rationing death panels are part and parcel of ObamaCare.

It is interesting that these admissions only come out after the bill’s passage and after the presidential election. Before passage and before the election, the mainstream media was decidedly disinterested in the truth about whether you could keep your insurance, or your doctor or whether there were rationing government run death panels. In fact, the mainstream media was more interested in helping Obama deceive as much of the American population as possible.  Only now is the mainstream media beginning to openly disclose the truth. While Obama’s credibility rating with the American public is at an all time low, the mainstream media’s credulity rating should be every bit as low because they have been every bit as mendacious as the president.



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