Feb. 23, 2024

George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti, Dr. Larry Fedewa, and Tom Donelson discuss:

Biden’s handling of Ukraine – Russian War & Israel – Hamas conflict

Niki Haley vs. Donald Trump in South Carolina

Likely VP pick – Gov. Sanders, Sen. Scott, former Rep. Gabbard, Gov. Noem, Vivek Ramaswamy, Gov. DeSantis, Rep. Donalds & Sen. Cotton. 

Judge Engoron & New York civil fraud case against Trump & business saying they won’t invest in NY

The Border Crisis – drunk naked illegal attacks Amazon driver

Presidential historian says Jill Biden is pushing Joe to run for reelection to promote the family’s interests. 

Nate Silver says Biden should not be running for reelection. 

Evidence mounts that Joe Biden has been lying about his participation in and knowledge of the family’s criminal business and bribery schemes. 

America discovers huge mine of rare earth elements in Wyoming which will reduce our dependence upon China. 

Turley says that Biden’s lies about the Hur Report are clear and obvious and fuel another impeachment inquiry. 

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