April 5, 2024

George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti, and Tom Donelson discuss:

Recent Democrat primaries in Rhode Island and Connecticut continue have almost 1 in 6 voters casting their ballot for a candidate named “uncommitted” rather than voting for Joe Biden. And on the Republican side almost 1 in 10 voters voted for Nikki Haley rather than Donald Trump. What do these numbers mean for the election in November? 

RFK Jr says that Joe Biden is a real threat to democracy because he has been using the power of government to silence his opposition in both parties and trying to keep his opposition from being on the ballot. 

California’s minimum wage law is now in effect and jobs are being lost and hours being reduced. California now has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. 

Pete Buttigieg is the most unqualified transportation secretary in our our nation’s history and he was trying to push EV’s on the American consumer claiming that EVs are like mobile phones and gas cars are like landline phones.  Sheer stupidity. 

Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele says that when she interviewed Joe Biden back in 2021, the entire interview was scripted and that she was ordered to follow the script perfectly. She also said that Biden was clearly confused and his staff and handlers where trying to help him not appear out of touch. 

He UK is considering forcing its oil and gas industry out of business all to reduce CO2 emissions by an alleged and minuscule 1 or 2 percent. Humans emit more CO2 than the oil rigs that they want to shut down, so will they also advocate getting rid of humans? 

California and a number of liberal states as well as Joe Biden’s admiisjtraiton are trying to force tradition 18 wheel trucks off the roads and replace them with electrical trucks that cost 3 times more and to operate will cost even more which will fuel price increases on all goods. 

We are ruled by idiots!  Who are some of the really exceptional dimwits that rule over us and are causing havoc in our society.

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