April 26, 2024

George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti, and Tom Donelson discuss:

The bill to send 90 billion to Ukraine, Israel & Taiwan, but no American border security.

NPR revealed as a leftist propaganda organization funded by American taxpayers.

Trump’s Manhattan Trail with fake DA Alvin Bragg.

Argentina’s move away from socialism and the left seems to have influenced Latin America in possible moves to the center and away from the extreme Left. Will America follow in November?

Joe Biden is strangling the US economy as Obama did. Their tax and regulate policies caused weak and slow economic growth.

The Left claims that earth quakes, solar eclipses, and now rain storms in the Middle East where they seeded the clouds to encourage more rain are evidence of global warming.

Antisemitism is part of the left’s political coalition. And it isn’t just a few or a small number. Hundreds of thousands or even millions of antisemites protest the right of Israel to even exist as a nation or a people.

The Democrat’s war on women — girls should be forced to shower with males and if they object they must be re-educated. When Girls are sexually assaulted at school by biological males pretending to be girls, those who object are called domestic terrorists by the Biden Administration. The Left wants to destroy girls sports and pretends to care about women’s sports, but they don’t. Caitlin Clark signs a huge $28 million endorsement deal.

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