June 6, 2024

Frontiers of Freedom Weekly Report – June 7, 2024

George Landrith and Tom Donelson discuss:

Anthony Fauci goes to Capitol Hill and continues his same lies and plays the victim.

The Lawfare litigation against Trump in NYC resulted in 34 bogus convictions. What will the impact be?

Tiananmen Square Massacre happened 35 years ago. What lessons are to be learned?

D-DAY (JUNE 6, 1944) was 85 years ago. The bravery and courage of those young men helped drive the Nazi out of France and Europe.

Joe Biden announces a crackdown on the border and says that since the GOP won’t fix the problem, he will — even though the border crisis is 100% the doing of Biden and his polices.

The Biden DOJ puts a 75 year old woman in jail or being pro-life and praying at an abortion clinic.

Biden’s peace plan in the Middle East means that Hamas wins and will survive to launch more promised October 7th style terrorist attacks.

Joe Biden will raid the Strategic Petroleum Reserve a second time — also during an election time — to pretend he wants to help consumers with the high energy prices that his policies have forced upon Americans.

George Landrith’s new book — Let Freedom Ring … Again
The subtitle of the book is — Can Self-Evident Truths Save America from Further Decline? This book is designed to help Americans of goodwill and of all political stripes to see through the contrivances and subterfuge of political operatives who seek power and control and try to fool Americans into giving them more and more power to rule over and subjugate Americans.

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