George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti and Tom Donelson discuss:

The 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

China’s economic troubles — why and how far they will extend across their borders.

The coercive nature of the Left’s environmental agenda — “Net Zero” means jail time for those who don’t comply. 

What happened to science?  “Trust the Science” now means “Comply with our Agenda”

The totalitarian Left wants to take your children away and label you a child abuser if you won’t go along with their LGBTQ+ agenda. 

India’s recent unmanned probe landing on the moon promotes India’s place in the world.

Joe Biden announces that Bob Fenton, the federal emergency coordinator he appointed to help in Maui was on the ground before the wild fire even started. 

Harvard ranks dead last on free speech which means it is now an indoctrination center. 

The Left continues to degrade America’s cities. Scott Harris, a retired Navy Commander, survived several deployments to the world’s most dangerous hotspots, but walking his dog in Philadelphia landed him in the emergency room after an vicious gang attack that resulted in teeth being broken off and over 100 stitches and a brain injury. Why? Liberal Democrats like District Attorney Larry Krasner who George Soros’ money helped elect — but he won’t enforce the law. So crime is raging.

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