George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti, Dr. Larry Fedewa and Tom Donelson discuss:

Speaker Kevin McCarthy Removed. Temporary Speaker Patrick McHenry. Candidates include: Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Steve Scalise.  

Biden does 180 and says he will build some border wall. 

Nikki Hailey rises in the polls in New Hampshire into the second place spot. Nationally, DeSantis remains in second place. 

Chicago residents are angry about plan to convert local park into housing for illegal aliens. 

Gov Newsom appoints Laphonza Butler, a Maryland voter and resident to serve as California’s senator. 

FBI has created another group to monitor and crack down on — not just parents at school board meetings or pro-life activists or traditional Catholics — now the Biden Administration will go after Trump supporters too. 

Biden’s sanctions against Russia are not as tough as he’s claimed. Germany sends exports through other countries that are for Russia. 

Biden’s dog, Commander has attacked 11 Secret Service Agents.

Former ESPN reporter admits that 2 years ago when she interviewed Joe Biden, he could not complete a sentence or make much sense. 

The FBI has reportedly requested a membership list from the Knights of Columbus. 

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