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Center for Constitutional and Political Studies

The Center for Constitutional and Political Studies is dedicated to limiting government to its constitutionally enumerated powers and restoring the individual liberties on which our country was founded. We also work to reform state and federal civil justice systems by educating lawmakers, policymakers, consumers, taxpayers and grassroots activists about the growing economic and social costs of lawsuit abuse.

Center for Economic Liberty and Property Rights

The Center for Economic Liberty and Property Rights is dedicated to protecting economic liberty and private property rights from excessive and unreasonable government regulation. The Center advances the principle that the right to keep the fruits of one’s labor is one of the most important property rights upon which our other liberties rely.

Center for National Security

The Center for National Security is dedicated to attaining peace through strength by educating federal lawmakers, opinion leaders, and the general public about the need for a strong national defense.

Center for Science and Public Policy

The Center for Science and Public Policy is dedicated to promoting clean air, water, and soil by championing property rights and free market solutions and combating misinformation with sound science, thoughtful research, cost benefit analysis, and sensible market solutions. We rely on scientific experts in many nations and the vast body of peer-reviewed literature to help lawmakers, policy makers, and the media distinguish between scientific findings that are agenda-driven and those that are based on accepted scientific methods and practices.

Reagan Legacy

Ronald W. Reagan was one of America’s greatest presidents and one of the world’s greatest leaders of the Twentieth Century. He was the architect of communism’s defeat and his economic vision lifted America out of economic malaise and unleashed two decades of unprecedented economic growth and prosperity. President Reagan’s vision of America’s promise and potential lifted the nation and, in fact, around the globe, to concrete realization of the liberty that free men and women the world over aspire to. Therefore, we seek to remember, celebrate, foster and renew Ronald Reagan’s vision and leadership.