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Reagan Legacy ~

We seek to remember, celebrate, foster and renew Ronald Reagan’s vision and leadership.

Ronald Reagan was one of America’s greatest presidents and one of the world’s greatest leaders of the Twentieth Century. He was the architect of communism’s defeat and his economic vision lifted America out of economic malaise and unleashed two decades of unprecedented economic growth and prosperity. President Reagan’s vision of America’s promise and potential lifted the nation and, in fact, people around the globe, to concrete realization of the liberty that free men and women the world over aspire to.

Classic Reagan Speeches


Jun.7, 1957 – “Your America to be Free”, Commencement Address at Eureka College, IL

Oct. 27, 1964 — “A Time For Choosing”, televised address for Sen. Goldwater

Jan. 24, 1974 — “We Will Be A City Upon A Hill,” delivered at the first meeting of CPAC

Mar. 31, 1976 — “To Restore America”, televised address

Aug. 19, 1976 — “A Shining City on a Hill”, Remarks at the Republican National Convention, Kansas City, MO (after a narrow loss to President Ford for the GOP nomination)

Feb. 6, 1977 — “A New Republican Party”, 4th Annual Conservative Political Action Convention, Washington, DC

Nov. 10, 1977 — “Whatever Happened to Free Enterprise,” Hillsdale College, Michigan

Mar. 17, 1978 — America’s Purpose in the World, 5th Annual Conservative Political Action Convention, Washington, DC

Nov. 13, 1979 — Announcement of Candidacy for President, televised address

Jul. 17, 1980 — Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech, Republican National Convention, Detroit, MI

Nov. 3, 1980 — “A Vision for America,” Election Eve Address, televised address

Nov. 4, 1980 — Election Night Victory Speech

First Term

Jan. 20, 1981 — First Inaugural Address, U.S. Capitol

Apr. 28, 1981 — Joint Session of Congress, first speech after assassination attempt

Jul. 27, 1981 — Address to the Nation on Federal Tax Reduction Legislation, Oval Office

Aug. 3, 1981 — Address on the Air Traffic Controllers Strike, White House Rose Garden

Jan. 26, 1982 – State of the Union Address, Social programs transferred to states

Feb. 26, 1982 — The Agenda is Victory, speech to the 9th Annual Conservative Political Action Conference

May 9, 1982 — Address to Eureka College Graduating Class of 1982, Eureka College, Illinois

Jun. 8, 1982 — Address to the British Parliament, “Ash Heap of History”, House of Commons, Palace of Westminster

Jan. 25, 1983 – State of the Union Address, Federal Spending Freeze

Mar. 8, 1983 — Address to the National Association of Evangelicals, Orlando, FL (“Evil Empire”)

Mar. 23, 1983 — Address to the Nation on National Security, Oval Office (SDI “Star Wars” Speech)

May 14, 1983 — Radio Address on the Importance of Entrepreneurs

Jan. 25, 1984 — State of the Union Address, America is back with four Great Goals

Mar. 2, 1984 – Our Noble Vision: An Opportunity For All

Jun. 6, 1984 — Address Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of D-Day, Pointe du Hoc, France

Jun. 6, 1984 — Address Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of D-Day, Omaha Beach, France

Aug. 23, 1984 — Presidential Nomination Acceptance Address, Republican National Convention, Dallas, Texas

Second Term

Jan. 21, 1985 – Second Inaugural Address, U.S. Capitol

Feb. 6, 1985 — State of the Union Address

Mar. 13, 1985 — “Go ahead, make my day”, American Business Conference, Los Angeles, CA

Jan. 28, 1986 — “Touching the Face of God”, Address to the Nation on the Explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger

Feb. 4, 1986 — State of the Union Address, Welfare Plan

Apr. 14, 1986 — Address to the Nation on the Air Strike Against Libya, Oval Office

July 3, 1986 — Address at the Statue of Liberty Centennial Celebration, Governor’s Island, New York Harbor

Jan. 27, 1987 — State of the Union Address

Feb. 10, 1987 — “We’re on the Frontier of Freedom”, Remarks to the Annual Leadership Conference of the American Legion

Jun. 12, 1987 – Address at the Brandenburg Gate of the Berlin Wall (“Tear down this wall”)

Jul. 3, 1987 — Economic Bill of Rights, Independence Day Address at the Jefferson Memorial

Jan. 25, 1988 — State of the Union Address, “We’re not finished yet” (Budget Process)

Feb. 11, 1988 — Remarks to the Conservative Political Action Conference, “You’re on the Frontier of Freedom.”

Aug. 15, 1988 — Farewell Address, Republican National Convention at the Superdome in New Orleans

Jan. 11, 1989 – Farewell Address to the Nation, Oval Office

Presidential Messages

Christmas Messages: December 1981 thru December 1988 – Collection of Reagan’s Christmas Messages

Thanksgiving Day Messages: November 1981 thru November 1988 – Collection of Reagan’s Thanksgiving Day Messages


Nov. 19, 1990 — On Winston Churchill, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri

Mar. 23, 1993 — 10th Anniversary of the Announcement of SDI, Washington DC

Feb. 3, 1994 — At the 1994 Republican National Committee Gala for his 83rd Birthday, with Guest Margaret Thatcher

Jun. 6, 1994 — 50th Anniversary of the Invasion of Europe, Omaha Beach, Normandy, France

Reagan Gala

Frontiers of Freedom awarded U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch the 2012 Reagan Gala Award. The event was held October 2, 2012, at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. Previous honorees include Governor Mitt Romney, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Grover Norquist among others.

Click here to view our 2012 Ronald Reagan Gala Tribute Video.