We’ve got a lot of attention put on various kinds of hate crimes, such as those committed against black people and members of the LGBT community, specifically trans people, but they’re not the most common.

According to the Free Beacon’s Charles Lehman, he went digging through the New York Police Department’s hate crime data and found “something weird.”

What he found was astonishing. According to Lehman, there’s just one arrest for every four complaints of anti-Semitic hate crime, which is the “second-lowest rate among major groups.”

Antisemitic hate crimes make up a whopping 49.2 percent of the total amount of hate crime in New York but only make up 32.6 percent of arrests. That’s 0.28 arrests per anti-Semitic hate crime complaint or 1 arrest per 3.57 complaints according to Lehman.

That’s a stupendously low arrest rate for hate crimes, especially since, as Lehman found, the amount of antisemitic hate crime in New York is off the charts compared to the frequency of others.

For comparison, anti-Muslim and transgender hate crime have one-to-one arrest to complaint records.

As the graphs below show, the amount of hate crime Jewish people suffer in New York dwarfs all the others, including those against gay men, the next highest.

Charles Fain Lehman@CharlesFLehman · 10h

I went digging through the NYPD’s hate crime data, and found something weird: there’s just one arrest for every four complaints of anti-Semitic hate crime, the second-lowest rate among major groups.https://freebeacon.com/issues/nypd-makes-just-one-arrest-for-every-four-anti-semitic-crimes-data-show/ …

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Charles Fain Lehman@CharlesFLehman

This is a particularly big deal, insofar as anti-Semitic hate crimes dwarf others in terms of complaints over the past two years.

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Summarized, this means that you’re less likely to get arrested committing a hate crime against a Jewish person than anyone else.

Lehman reports that, according to Jewish leaders, the fault isn’t with the NYPD but with the politicians who have crafted policies that make this disparity possible:

While it is hard to conclude from these data what explains this disparity, they strongly suggest that not enough is being done to respond to anti-Semitic crime in New York City. According to one Jewish community leader who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon, the source of this issue may not be the NYPD itself, but an “impossibly progressive” mayor who has not been serious enough about combating the issue.

“I would say that the fault does not lie with the NYPD,” Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld told the Free Beacon, adding that “the problem is that the media and our politicians have failed us until now, both in publicizing the problem and prosecuting the attackers.”

This is a shockingly larger problem than some may have previously guessed. This information comes at a time when the left is currently making an “epidemic” out of murders against transgendered people. However, as information has recently come out, we can see that this is actually not the case, and trans people are far safer in America than we’re being told.

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