by Tom Donelson

I must admit, I never quite grasp the science behind these apocalypse predictions dealing with climate change considering that science as it is, has the world upside down.

Begins with the premise that what we need is a colder planet never mind the fact that more people die in colder weather than warmer. A 2014 study by the Department of Health and Human Services found that for everyone who died in hot weather, two died in colder weather.  This was similar to what the EPA saw and Lancet reviewed data from 384 locations and found that people died in wintry weather by a 15 to 1 ratio.    So, there is no rationale to lower the planet temperature.

The other aspect that if CO2 is so bad, what explains how we can be able to increase food production and better diets while the CO2 has increased? Or how we have seen the number of people living in poverty dropping and health indexes despite warming weather?  Could it be that maybe a little CO2 is good for the planet or for humanity? Or a warming planet is good for the planet?

 The World Bank and other organizations estimated we will be 450 percent rich by the end of the century so if the worse scenarios are reached, we will be only 434 percent richer which is hardly a crisis. 

The solutions to climate change by the alarmist are worse than the actual problem.   Some solutions include:

1.       Geoengineering to block portions of the sun from reaching the planet, now what could go wrong. A colder planet means shorter growing season.

2.       Reducing yields of agriculture means massive starvation. One study shows that organic farming will feed 4.7 billion and fertilizer including fossil fuels which is what we are doing will feed twelve billion people. The world population is eight billion, you do the math.  Climate solution for farming will not be able feed forty percent.

3.       The elimination of fossil fuels will hamper economic prosperity and the energy provided by fossil fuels has led to unprecedented economic growth worldwide. Eliminating means returning our economy to the 19th century.  Massive poverty is hardly a solution.

4.       The attack on the free market will only increase worldwide poverty and increase famines. 

5.       Then there are the trivial things like no gas grill, eliminate your “gas guzzling car” for electric cars, less airfare among other things to make your life sucks,

So, if your solution to a problem is to kill of 40 percent plus of the world population – that is not a solution, but mass murder and genocide.

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