George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti, Tom Donelson and Dr. Larry Fedewa discuss: 

  • The indictment of former President Donald Trump and Alvin Bragg’s corruption.
  • DHS Sec’y Alejandro Mayorkas’ horrible handling of the border – crime, fentanyl, human trafficking, terrorists sneaking in, etc. 
  • The weaponization of government by the IRS, FBI, DOJ, etc. Matt Taibbi gets a surprise visit from the IRS the day he was scheduled to testify on weaponization. 
  • The Left claims the Right is extreme and violent, despite the facts which show the extreme Left is increasingly violent.
  • Jacob Chansley who the Left claimed was the leader of a violent insurrection was released from prison because actual security video that was hidden for two years proved that the Jan. 6th Committee, FBI, DOJ all lied and hid evidence.
  • University of Helsinki has developed a nasal spray that appears to prevent COVID infection. The extreme Left won’t be happy because they don’t want the pandemic or the associated fear to end because it aids them politically.
  • Senator Rand Paul is proving that Dr. Fauci has been lying and covering up the facts. 
  • The Covenant School Shooting Tragedy in Nashville – the Left and the White House are gaslighting America. 
  • The big game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Iowa Hawkeyes in Women’s Basketball. 
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