Gas Can Man * 1.85 GasolineDuring the last week of October and the first week of November 2012, Frontiers of Freedom was in Ohio with Gas Can Man educating Americans on the need for responsible and sound energy policy. During most of the past two years Americans have been filling up their gas tanks at prices that are about double what they were four years ago. Energy policy makes a real difference to average every day Americans. When bad energy policy drives prices up, Americans effectively pay a huge energy tax imposed by politicians who have artificially made energy more scarce and more expensive.

Gas Can Man traveled all over the country during the past several months. During in late October and early November, he was primarily in Ohio.

Gas Can Man Sign

To illustrate the point, Gas Can Man would visit gas stations for several hours and during his visit lower the price of gasoline to $1.85 a gallon — the price of gasoline the day Barack Obama took office. Almost immediately, long lines would cue up, crowds would develop and the media would show up to report.In Virginia and Ohio, Frontiers of Freedom partnered with Gas Can Man to impress upon Americans the need for a change in our current national energy policy which severely limits oil exploration and obstructs the construction of needed pipelines, refineries and other energy infrastructure.

On a practical level when gasoline doubles in price, American families are effectively taxed about $1,800 per year — assuming the fill their gas tank up only once a week. Our goal was to help Americans understand that a pro-energy policy that allowed more energy production and included building the needed pipelines and refineries, America could be a net exporter of energy and would no longer be forced to rely on Middle Eastern oil. And Americans would see their gasoline bill sharply decrease — saving them about $1,800 a year.It was a highly successful way to discuss to the public at large the need for a new pro-energy policy that will make energy less expensive and make America energy independent.Gas Can Man Dancing at low price

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