Frontiers of Freedom Weekly Report – Aug 4th, 2023
Dr. Joe Mangiacotti and Tom Donelson discuss:

Trump indicated again and is it a valid? And Archer testify, so when do we do the perp walk with Hunter and Joe? yeah right.

Big story no one covers, Fitch downgrade US finances. highest interest in 22 years.. Credit rating.

660 billion dollars in interest only .. 2 billion a day in interest. 188 B more than treasury brings in corporate taxes

Will end up being a drag on stocks..

Newsome and DeSantis agrees to debate on which state is better? Note DeSantis challenges Harris to debate the curriculum and Queen of Word Salad says no

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) issued Vice President Kamala Harris a direct challenge on Monday over the narrative that she has perpetuated about Florida’s African-American history curriculum.

. Dissent In Post-Covid China – by Aaron Sarin – Persuasion China economy sputters

Family man Joe Biden recognized his 7th granddaughter

One more thing

Swimming’s world governing body, FINA, announced a ban Sunday on biological men competing in women’s events, unless they had “transitioned” before the age of 12.

In other words, transgender athletes who have experienced the enduring competitive advantages of a male puberty flooded with testosterone, such as greater muscle mass, lung capacity and height, will no longer have an unfair advantage in women’s competitions.

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