Editors Note:  When George W. Bush was the president, when gas prices increased, the mainstream media howled about the price increases, price gouging, and windfall profits. The Democratically controlled Congress held hearings on the matter. The public was reminded constantly that Bush and VP Dick Cheney were former “oil men” and the high prices were their fault and for the benefit of their influential friends. Now, with gas prices at historically high levels, the press is largely silent and when they do report the new higher prices, they do not blame the president or his policies. In fact, they blame world events without mentioning any of President Obama’s anti-energy policies. This is just one more proof that the mainstream media is not only biased, but is largely corrupt and dishonest. While that is not a new development, it is good to be reminded why the mainstream media is so widely distrusted.

Expect to pay more at the pump. Conflicts in Iraq have substantially caused gas to go up.

Marcus Washington reports right now gas prices are at a six year high for early summer.

As a projected 41 million people hit the road during this Fourth of July weekend, experts say get ready to pay more at the pump.

“Both nationally and in Maryland, the average today is $3.68 a gallon. That’s up two cents from a week ago nationally. And here in Maryland, it’s up about three cents,” said Ragina Cooper-Averella, AAA Mid-Atlantic.

The rising price of gas is a direct reflection of conflict in Iraq. Analysts are now focused on the militant uprising in the country, where America gets a large percentage of its oil supply.

“So far, with most of the fighting occurring in the northern region of Iraq, we have not seen any disruptions in the southern region, which is where a majority of the oil is produced in that country,” Averella said.

This summer it’s expected that most drivers will pay some of the highest prices at the pump since 2008, when the national average of gas rose to $4.10 a gallon.

“They closed at $107.26 a barrel on Friday, which is really high. And unfortunately, if the conflict continues, we’ll continue to see crude oil prices rise as well as gas prices,” said Averella.

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This news article appeared at the website of CBS Baltimore. 

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