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Where’s Chuck?

On Monday, The Post sent Sen. Chuck Schumer 10 key questions to gauge his stand on the nuclear deal with Iran. On Tuesday, a Post reporter asked him in person for his view.

“I’m studying [the issue],” snapped New York’s senior senator.

Studying the issue? Please.

There’s nothing to study: Just nix the deal, Chuck.

We’d asked Schumer — among other things — if he had any input into the agreement, what he thought of its 24-day advance notice for inspections and whether the deal raises new concerns for Israel.

As the Democrats’ presumptive next Senate leader, Schumer’s view is key — because it could influence others in his party in any move by Congress to scuttle the deal.

But this issue doesn’t require “studying.”

Iran can’t be trusted with any deal, period — let alone one that explicitly limits efforts to ensure Tehran isn’t working to get nuclear bombs.

Or one that, in effect, legally permits the mullahs to get nukes after a number of years, as President Obama himself acknowledges.

Iran even admits it has no plans to cooperate with the United States: “Even after this deal, our policy toward the arrogant US will not change,” Iran’s leader, Ali Khamenei said Saturday. US policies, he said, were “180 degrees” opposite Iran’s.

Even Secretary of State John Kerry, an architect of the deal, found that “troubling.”

And Kerry and Obama themselves can’t be trusted: Despite a law requiring the deal to be reviewed by Congress, key components of it were included in “side agreements” not meant to be shared with lawmakers or the public.

No, Schumer doesn’t need to “study” the deal. He needs to study his conscience.

Thousands of his constituents rallied against the deal Wednesday in Times Square. Backing it — to please Obama and other Democrats — may help Schumer’s personal political prospects. But his constituents, America and Israel come first.

Answer The Post’s questions, Chuck.

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